'I made my hobby, my occupation'

Ruben Correa Fajardo is a prominent Mexican businessman linked to the security industry for almost 30 years ago. He currently directs the destinies of Siprosi Corporate SA de CV and Specialist Training International, both members Cidec Group companies.

by Alvaro Perez Leon S.

His career in the sector dates back to 1982 when, thanks to their training in executive protection and security monitoring and protection, was relocated to the area of ​​corporate security Infra Group, after serving in the areas of human resources and labor relations of that company and others like Nacobre Guindi Group and Group.

"During this period received training and guidance of Captain Salvador Enriquez Alcantara, who aroused my interest in safety and security," he recalls.

Since then he has devoted his talents to providing comprehensive security services, an activity that did not stop even in 1983, the year he ended his career as a lawyer at the National Autonomous University of Mexico and began to alternate own work their law firm with advice and safety training.

Precisely in 1986 Correa Fajardo created in the company of a group of specialists the Mexican Institute of Safety Training and Protection AC

Two years later founded Protection Systems and Integrated Security Siprosi, a company under his leadership was launched in 1992 to conquer several Latin American markets, becoming Siprosi Corporativo SA de CV, which currently provides services to public and private companies in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Central America.

The other facets of the entrepreneur
Ruben Fajardo Correa was born in Ciudad Sahagún, Hidalgo state, the 4 March 1960 and is married 26 years ago with a Educadora and Bachelor of Education, who after retiring began working with him and became one of his closest partner.

Together, they are the parents of two children; the oldest is 23 years and has a degree in Communication Sciences, whereas the smaller, 19 years, is in her first year in college.

Like any devoted father, the businessman uses his free to be with his wife and children time.

"I really enjoy going to the movies and relax with my family when I can. 12 recent years have acquired the hobby of traveling for work and to learn and walk. I have had the opportunity to accompany me by my wife or one of my children when I travel for work, and take the opportunity to know the countries where I go, "he says, who has visited countries as diverse as Singapore, Denmark, Argentina and Austria, among others .

Fajardo is also a fan of technology and Young used to arm and disarm as device fell into his hands. His fascination with artifacts and all sorts of instruments has earned him tell his friends suelan nicknames like 'Mr. Gadget', 'Sport Billie' or 'The Chacharitas'.

No doubt that interest has helped him in his professional work.

"My wife says that I move like a fish in water because I made my hobby, my occupation. Certainly spend a lot of my time reading texts that address security issues, administration and human resources, "he says.

"I like action movies, adventure or comedy, unlike dramas. Study issues related to human intelligence and philosophy, I call attention to the social and political issues, and since 2001 belong to a Masonic lodge in Mexico, "he emphasizes.

Achievements, goals and challenges
The Director of Corporate Siprosi is clear what were the success factors of the company, which has four internal Senior consultants and a network of associated consultants throughout Latin America.

"First, fitness and technology; second, the responsibility; third, tailored service, diversity and variety of options; fourth, honesty; and fifth, reliability, always doing things right the first time "he says.

Regarding the objectives must have a security company, Fajardo Correa believes that the key element is to convince customers that although security is not important for a business, there must be security for there to be good business.

"El gerente de seguridad –indica- debe aprender a medir y vender la seguridad no sólo en términos de reacción, sino también, más aún, en términos de prevención puesto que ello se traducirá en reducción de pérdidas. También se debe pensar como lograr integrar la seguridad a la cadena de valor del negocio por lo que es imperativo aprender el lenguaje del empresario y alinear a la seguridad en dicho contexto.”

Similarly, the manager identifies the challenges facing an organization like yours, dedicated to the training of specialized human resources for comprehensive security.

"We are challenged to articulate what that has to do with the professional attitude, ethics and deontology of practitioners of public and private security; with specialization oriented to provide the knowledge skills and abilities to do things well done as the first. All this leads to high quality standards, "he says.

A large palmares
Professional Month this issue of security sales knows of what he speaks. His concepts are not only backed by three decades of experience in the industry, but also for the long series of accolades and international awards that have been granted at this time.

In 2000 the American Society for Industrial Security, ASIS International, recognized him as Certified Protection Professional. That same year he was appointed Certified Protection Officer by the International Foundation of Protection Officer.

In 2008, the ASIS International handed the distinction Platinum Award for being the most successful worldwide, candidates for the title Certified Protection Professional trainer. Just a year later he received from members of that association certification that accredits him as Physical Security Professional.

Ruben Correa Fajardo is also founder and Executive Secretary of the Inter-American Association of Professional Protection, institution awarded him the degree of 2002 Safety Board Certificate.

In addition he has been a professor in security at various universities in Latin America and has been a speaker at national and international conferences in Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Panama, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and the United States.

What about the future?
"The uncertainty and adversity are hallmarks of modern times, and can not be a specialist in only one branch of security as threats are multidimensional and offshore. Security organizations must become inclusive solutions and must establish strategic alliances to provide comprehensive answers, "says the entrepreneur.

For him, a comprehensive security system must articulate four components, namely: the facilities, equipment, processes and people. This according to the needs, possibilities and risks of the customer.

Fajardo Correa also encrypts your success in a personal premise: "One of my greatest beliefs is that I'm in this because I have more friends than customers. I always try to offer the most professional service available to me and my design work thinking about what I would like to offer me to solve a problem. I also consider a key part of my position my interest in knowing all about safety and be at the forefront, not only what is happening but also what will happen, "he concludes.

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