Today ALAS has partners in 27 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia, which besides being a sign of industry growth is a challenge for the Association for the need to create opportunities for closeness with partners, where you can specify actions that will lead to growth and common benefit and that they become a platform to listen to those who are our reason for being.

In order to generate a contact that goes beyond an email or a call, ALAS participated in many industry trade shows with events aimed especially for our partners, also organized own events that create this closeness.

During the 2016 participate with lectures at the fair ISC Brazil, conducted the Latin American Cocktail Security at ISC West together with our partner Sales Security Summit Integrators in Exposeguridad Mexico, organized with Huawei the Safe City Summit in Mexico City and had cocktail academic program and partners in the International Fair of Bogota ESS.

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Other areas of interaction are important events organized by the Association for academic, technological and networking update. The most prominent of them is the ALAS Management Summit, the meeting point of executives and security leaders, this year the Summit took place on July 26 27 and Miami and with broad participation of partners.

The tour of Latin America and the Caribbean complete with ALAS technological meetings, conferences a day that blend academic, commercial and spaces of relationship activity. In 2016 we were in Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Bolivia and Peru.

Each of these events opens the possibility that our members tell us their perceptions and ideas. So we invite you're attentive to the calendar of the Association and participate in the upcoming event ALAS your country. For us it will be a pleasure to meet you.

ALAS launched in Mexico its first National Committee

National Committees aim to strengthen and direct the activities of ALAS International in a particular country. Mexico is the first of many committees that may form in countries where ALAS has more than 10 partners.

The first was formed last September in Mexico City Mexico National Committee, which seek to increase the number of partners and activities in the country and promote integration and collaborative work among members of the Association.

Alberto Alvarez, CEO of ALAS, was in charge of presenting the audience the Committee structure, highlighting the need to include in all national committees a consultative vice president, this figure unlike the other is not subject to choice, but is designated by ALAS International and its main function is to ensure the maintenance of standards of the Association. In the case of Mexico National Committee, Humberto De La Vega, who currently serves as a consultant, he was selected for his career in the industry and extensive knowledge of the Association.

De La Vega led the election of representatives of the Committee, resulting in the following formation:

  • President: Carlos Garcia Almeida, President for Latin America, Senstar
  • Vice President Membership: Gigi Agassini, Director of Accounts and Strategic Initiatives, Genetec
  • Educational vice president: Jorge Luis Hagg Hagg, Demand Generation Manager, Tyco Security Products
  • Vice President of Marketing: Sandra Camacho, Project Manager, Security Sales
  • Secretariat: Perla Liliana Ortega, CFO, MAK Extinguisher
  • Advisory Vice President, Humberto De La Vega, consultant, Huro

Carlos Garcia Almeida, president of the Committee, expressed his gratitude to the audience for showing such great interest in working for the projection of the Committee, also said "we will go forward, clearly paint the objectives of each committee of the presidency and align with ALAS International. On the way will surely encounter difficulties, but we will not be there, we will work by adding more partners and increase our presence in other regions. "

The Committee will be able to expand the group of representatives to the extent that in other regions working groups are established, these may be designated Regional Vice Presidents whose main function is geographically organize activities ALAS International, including local assemblies and meetings with reduce distances and encourage membership growth within the country. These committees need a minimum of 5 local partners to its constitution and will work in coordination with the national committee and the board of ALAS International.

In the coming months the main focus of the Committee's work will be the definition of ALAS activities to be undertaken in 2017 in Mexico and structuring tools that allow greater closeness with the Mexican partners.

The meeting at which the election of members of the Committee was held, attended by representatives of the following member companies ALAS: Tyco Security Products, ISTC, Security Sales, Dahua Technologies, Senstar, Bolide, Genetec, Avigilon, HID, installs, Mak Extinguisher, Huro and Detnov.

For more information about the ALAS Mexico National Committee or training in other countries, you can write to

Santiago Jaramillo
Author: Santiago Jaramillo
Social communicator and journalist with more than 15 years of experience in specialized digital and print media for Latin America. Currently Editor of the Security Sales, Building Management and Academic Coordinator of the TecnoEdificios Congress.


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