article thumbnailU.S. For the first time in its history, the WINGS Summit will have an online registry open to the public to visit the commercial exhibition and there will be several novelties that will facilitate the access of those attending the event.
article thumbnailInternational. Information technology (IT) managers are more likely to catch cybercriminals on their organization's servers and networks than anywhere else. This was revealed by the global study "Uncomfortable Safety Truths in Endpoint", carried out by Sophos.
article thumbnailU.S. Recent reports from Business Insider, CNN Business and many other publications have highlighted the undisclosed on-board microphone that was discovered on Google's Nest Guard security device, which raises serious privacy concerns among consumers.
article thumbnailInternational. ASIS International launched the Selection and Training Guide for Private Security Officers (PSO) of ASIS (ASIS PSO-2019) that provides recommendations for establishing and managing a program for the selection and training of private security agents.
article thumbnailInternational. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has just approved the Web Authentication API, also known as the WebAuthn standard, which is a new way to log on to websites without passwords.

article thumbnailOne of the most rewarding tasks that I as a consultant in fire protection engineering performed, is the analysis of water networks for the protection against fires of large facilities. By Jaime A. Moncada, PE *
article thumbnailThe advancement of technologies are constantly changing. It is difficult to maintain and innovate at the same time without the support of a business culture of continuous improvement by the company. by Miguel Centeno *
article thumbnailNew rules of the game in the network of networks, changes, behaviors, scopes and details. By Osvaldo Gallegari *
article thumbnailThe computer conditions of today's world have proposed a series of changes in the thinking of companies. By Sergio Mazzoni *
article thumbnailHurricanes, heavy rains, earthquakes, droughts, forest fires and high temperatures are some of the natural disasters that we face today in various parts of the world. For Security Sales


Network Video Recorder
Sony The HAW-S series is the first NVR compatible Sony 4K device that can record and play in 4K resolution, for systems ...
Multifunction counter timer
Seco-Larm The new SA-025MQ multifunction timer and counter includes operation with low current consumption, seven easily programmable modes with buttons, LED display and ...
Administration software
Johnson Controls The new 8.0 version of Kantech's EntraPass now adds support for the American Dynamics NVR network recorders through ...
Perimeter detection system
ST Electronics The AgilFence perimeter intrusion detection system developed for perimeter fences offers reliable detection and high precision ...
Minidomo camera
Axis Communications The new AXIS Companion Dome Mini LE camera is designed to meet the needs of small business video surveillance. It has lighting ...
Wireless smoke and heat detector
DSC The new PowerG wireless smoke and heat detector PG9936 is a photoelectric operation equipment that sends an early warning of fire ...
Infrared barrier
Takex The TXF-125 E is a wireless outer perimeter detection device for long distances, which creates an active four-beam infrared barrier ...
Modular connectors
Platinum Tools The new shielded Cat645A / 6 modular R7 / XNUMX connectors are designed for the termination of solid or twisted network cable, exceeding ...
Security cabinet for DVR
Video Mount Products The DVR-MB1 cabinet is a lockable security box for the protection of portable or rack-mounted DVRs in ...