altLatin America. These sections on safety and fire protection will be held in Mexico City, Cancun (Mexico), San Juan (Puerto Rico), Lima (Peru), Bogota (Colombia), Montevideo (Uruguay), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Santiago (Chile ), Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo (Brazil) from May.

The intension of the seminars is to analyze the latest trends, technologies, security solutions, facility protection and safety of persons.

In addition, they provide information on security systems from small to large, and marine seismic certification, gas detection and personal protective equipment.

Those interested can register at

Author: Latin Press


Christian Ernesto
# Christian Ernesto 12-04-2011 17:18
It would be great to go up online content. Greetings.
Duvan Chaverra3
# Duvan Chaverra3 13-04-2011 03:00
Thanks Ernesto for your proposal, people will move to the Notifier for the note.


Duván Chaverra
web editor
Security Sales
Ernesto support the request. regards
# Andrew 23-01-2013 14:51
Hello that such I would like to know when there is certification courses panels
# CESAR ARROYO 03-04-2015 05:46
Edgar Duran Rodrigue
# Edgar Duran Rodrigue 13-04-2015 23:01
Hello greetings only to inquire about certification and courses panels
Gustavo Murias
# Gustavo Murias 19-04-2015 22:15
Dear, I'm reading this article 2011, I wonder if there will continue training on Notifier 2015 systems. I am particularly interested in a certification course to obtain a license to use VeryFire Tools.
Thank you very much.
Tito Gonzalez
# Tito Gonzalez 27-01-2016 17:52
to certificate??
J. de Jesus Muñoz
# J. de Jesus Muñoz 13-05-2016 19:48
Hello, I would like to know when there will be a certification course is fire alarm systems.
Santiago Jaramillo
# Santiago Jaramillo 16-05-2016 14:22
Hello J. Jesus could tell that country is, in order to transfer Notifier by Honeywell concern and achieve give a more precise answer.
J. de Jesus Muñoz
# J. de Jesus Muñoz 07-06-2016 23:51
Mr. Santiago Jaramillo such, I inform you that I live in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.
Erick Gamio
# Erick Gamio 02-06-2016 21:55
Dear wanted to know courses for certification Notifier fire system, anywhere in Latin America or the world. I am from Bolivia.
sebastian hernandez
# sebastian hernandez 14-10-2016 15:42
Qusiera know fire certification course. I am from Argentina
Santiago Jaramillo
# Santiago Jaramillo 18-10-2016 21:26
Hello, if you want you can write directly to LIzett Mucharraz to the mail
jonathan herrera
# jonathan herrera 04-08-2018 18:04
good, I am, u and intereazdo in getting the certificate in fire systems notifier, please guide me or facilitate me the orma to communicate to achieve this. thank you already

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