Germán Alexis CortésOBJECTIVE

Knowing how the industry has advanced level of digital image processing. Digital recording. Remote transmission Images.

Knowledge of data networks, applied to the video security industry. Knowledge of advanced features in new digital cameras. real and virtual matrices Matrices. IP cameras. Digital Video. Computer security video network. Practical Applications.

• Have completed the Basic CCTV- 1 level.
• Have perfectly clear concepts of optics and electronics, learn about the different topologies configurations and basic characteristics of management teams and image capture.

This course is intended for Electrical and Electronics Engineers, builders, installers, business consultants electronic security, architects, designers of electrical networks, administrators, professionals responsible for the technological area and security, who want to know in detail the TV sets as verification and registration tool in security work and control.


1. Introduction
1.1.1. Presentation Objectives.
1.1.2. Brief overview of the basics of CCTV.

2. Data Networks
2.1. Local Data Network - LAN
2.1.1. Parts of a network
2.1.2. Structured Cabling concept - Passive Equipment
2.1.3. Basic characteristics

2.2. Wide Data Network - WAN / MAN / GAN
2.2.1. Parts of a network
2.2.2. Basic characteristics

2.3. OSI model
2.3.1. Meaning and Use of the different layers

2.4. Active teams
2.4.1. Hub
2.4.2. Switch
2.4.3. router
2.4.4. Bridge
2.4.5. Gateway

2.5. Some Concepts Communications
2.5.1. TCP / IP
2.5.2. MAC - IP Ardes
2.5.3. Subnet Masks
2.5.4. UDP - FTP
2.5.5. Multicast / Unicast

2.6. Public data network - Internet
2.6.1. Connections / Access
2.6.2. ISP
2.6.3. VLAN
2.6.4. VPN

3. Digital recording
3.1. Types of Video Recorders (DVR)
3.1.1. Main features
3.1.2. Connecting a digital recording system
3.1.3. recommendations
3.1.4. Hard Drive Capacity

3.2. NVR
3.2.1. Hard Drives Expansion
3.2.2. hybrid Video recorders

3.3. Image Transmission
3.3.1. Bandwidth
3.3.2. standards

3.4. Safety Data Networks
3.4.1. antivirus
3.4.2. encryption
3.4.3. Public and Private Keys
3.4.4. FireWall
3.4.5. IDS
3.4.6. Recommended practices

4. matrices
4.1. characteristics
4.2. Parts of a Matrix
4.3. Programming
4.4. Practical uses
4.5. Connecting with a DVR

4.6. Virtual arrays
4.7 Employed Parties
4.7.1. Known configurations
4.7.2. Bandwidth

5. Advanced Media
5.1. UTP
5.1.1. brief Review

5.2. Wireless links
5.2.1. dedicated Microwave Low frequency

5.2.2. WLAN System parts coverage standards Security

5.3. Optical fiber
5.3.1. characteristics
5.3.2. Types
5.3.3. Maintenance
5.3.4. specific use

6. Special cameras
6.1. Thermal and Infrared
6.2. High Definition
6.3. Digital PTZ

7. Video Management Software
7.1. Basic concepts
7.2. Intelligence in the Video

8. General practices
8.1. Scheduling an IP camera
8.2. Configuring a digital video system

9. Written evaluation


This course delivers to pass the final exam, a certificate of ALAS. People who do not pass the exam receive a certificate of attendance. You can take the course again to retake the exam and become certified.


Germán Alexis Cortes H. He is an independent consultant and electronic engineer with 19 years of experience in the electronic security industry, graduate in engineering project management and expertise in electronic security and automation NIST. It is CCP ASIS and ISC CISSP. He has extensive experience as a university professor and lecturer in electronic security issues. Currently runs his own consulting company in projects of electronic security and automation.


Author: Latin Press


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