Chapter I Overview of EAC

Defining a Personal Access Control

Parts of a Personal Access Control
• Networks
• panels
• Output Elements
• RTE (buttons, sensors, panic bars)
• Edging Power
• Edging Magnéticas
• Talanqueras
• Turnstiles / Turnstiles
• Software
• Communication Protocols

Chapter II Readers and Cards

Bar code (Visible and IR)
magnetic stripe
Barium Ferrite
RFID (Proximity)
Smartcard (Chip)

Chapter III Biometrics

Definition of biometrics
Biometrics classes
• Iris - Retina
• Footprint
• Hand Geometry
• Geometry Face
• Speech recognition
• New Technologies (vascular)

Chapter IV Software

Defining a CAD Software
Software features EAC
• Schedules
• Areas
• Employees
• Cards
• released
• Reports
• Maps
• carnetizacion
• Interfaces with other systems (CCTV, alarms)
Visitor Software

Chapter V Applications

• Time control
• Asset Control (integration with CCTV and alarms)
• Control Rounds
• Personnel Location
• Locks

Chapter VI Integration with other systems

• Alarms
• Fire Systems

Chapter VII Access Control Element (support requisitions)

• X-rays
• Gamma rays
• Terahertz
• Metal detectors
• detectors of explosives and narcotics.
• Chair BOSS (Body Orifice Security Scanner)

Chapter VIII Systems VEA

• Asset detectors (associated with EAC)


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