Manuel VillanuevaOBJECTIVES

Develop a different way of selling, which is aligned with the culture of customer focus, differentiate ourselves from the competition by individualizing products, services and behaviors we offer.

Resulting in customer loyalty by identifying these, their needs and exceed their expectations achieving beliefs.


The course is aimed at all members of the electronic security sector.


Keynote Presentation, based on audiovisual media. Exercises during the course applying the acquired procedures. material support is made available for further study.


16 hours during 8am to 6pm, one hour daily lunch and two breaks 15 minutes mid-morning and mid-afternoon. At this time sessions questions from the audience included.


Introduction to the culture of customer focus.
Mental models
Behaviors, beliefs and origins
Planning Sale
Office sale
Sale tracking (notes beliefs)
Creating networks.

Why train our salespeople?

Most companies believe that by hiring a "seller", it knows exactly what it takes to sell. The reality is that most vendors companies hire are people who have sold "things" services or products during their working life, but most of them have never taken a professional course showing you step by step how to improve assertiveness to make a sale.

What we call assertiveness?

Assertiveness means that our seller with a good sales technique get close more business from normally closed when he had no knowledge needed.

With just take the course SALES SECURITY SYSTEMS ELECTRONIC my sellers remain ready to face the market and increase sales of my company?

When a seller takes this course effectively improve their skills and get a better idea of ​​how to close more sales. The constant practice of learning, knowledge will increasingly take hold and this will be reflected in its results.


This course delivers a certificate of attendance. The commercial value has included study manual and refreshment am and pm.

About the Instructor

Manuel Angel Gonzalez Villanueva He is a consultant in the sales area over 12 years experiencia.5 years of experience in the area of ​​Life Safety with fire detection equipment. Regional Sales Manager for Central America and Andean Region and FIRE NOTIFIER LITE from 2007.Conferencista Systems Fire Detection and loss of earnings in Central America, Andean and Caribbean. ALAS currently instructor.

Author: Latin Press


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