Germán Alexis CortésAim

Getting the audience, know and know how to apply the methods and procedures necessary to efficiently develop an engineering project where you should sell, install, program and integrate teams in the area of ​​electronic security.

Knowledge is based on actual practice in Latin America and the guidelines of the PMI (Project Management Institute). Understand all the steps and details that are required to perform an excellent job with emphasis on commercial and technical operational level, when efficiency is desired in the operation.

Develop interest to learn techniques to continually improve commercial, operational and technical processes of each company, ensuring end-user satisfaction and improving profitability of companies in the sector.


The course is aimed at professionals in the electronic security sector with its responsibilities under the technical, commercial and administrative management of the various businesses serving the company. Especially Electrical and Electronics Engineers, installers, architects, designers of electrical networks, administrators and end users responsible for the technological area and security, who want to know how a project should be done efficiently.


25 hours, divided into three sessions 9 hours, in time to 8pm 6am, one hour daily lunch and two breaks 15 minutes mid-morning and mid-afternoon. In the last two hours of the last day the written certification exam will be done. At this time sessions questions from the audience included.


Keynote Presentation, based on audiovisual media. Exercises during the course applying the acquired procedures. material support is made available for further study.

Content Summary

1. Definition of objectives
i. Is managing a project
ii. Planning, programming, organization, monitoring, Liquidation. Exception Handling.

2. Bases and Objectives of the PMI
i. Project Management Institute - PMI
ii. Business Processes - Financial - Legal - Technical - Operating
iii. Differences between selling Teams and Projects

3. Commercial aspects [Difference between Marketing and Sales]

4. Marketing plan
i. Square
ii. Price
iii. Publicity and promotion
iv. Prospect

5. Sales Processes

i. Set very clear benefits. Real and fulfill them.
ii. Value added. Best cost / benefit ratio.
iii. Company's presentation
iv. Sales Interview v. Resolution of Objections
saw. Closing sales
vii. Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Emotional Intelligence.
viii. How to make a winning proposal?
ix. Private or Public Bidding

6. Financial resources
i. Economic and Legal Situation
ii. Financial indices
iii. Documentation and Regulations
iv. Basic Financial Statements and explanatory notes
v. Financing

7. Legal resources
i. Documentation
ii. engagement
iii. Preliminary process. Policies. Taxes.
iv. subsequent processes. Extension. Other Yes. Prórrogas. Breach. Fines. Settlement.
v. Process monitoring. Proceedings.

8. Technical resources
i. Warehouse
ii. manuals

9. Human Resources
i. providers
ii. customers
iii. Administrative staff
iv. Commercial staff
v. Executive staff
saw. Technical staff
vii. Advisors

10. Operating resources
i. Risk Analysis and Security Studies
ii. site Survey
iii. Designs solution
iv. Other preliminary and complementary phases.
v. Project development
saw. Scheduling the project. Project
vii. Preliminary documents
viii. Home Act
ix. Activities sequence. Work groups.
x. Pre-Submission. Partial deliveries.
xi. Final delivery
xii. Training
xiii. Settlement

11. Further activities
i. Maintenance contract
ii. Quality assurance. Spare parts.
iii. Procedure for Service Requests. Guarantee. Professional responsible. Costs.

12. Certification Examination


It requires a conference room for suitable executives to the number of attendees (minimum 6, maximum 35), lighting and air conditioning chord, dressed tables and comfortable chairs in classroom setting herringbone, sound amplification (needed for more than 10 assistants), multimedia projector (video beam) and curtain, horizontal flip chart or erasable marker board, sheet size. Very close coffee break service, restaurant, restrooms and parking capacity


This course delivers to pass the final exam, a certificate of ALAS. People who do not pass the exam receive a certificate of attendance. You can take the course again to retake the exam and become certified.

About the instructor

Germán Alexis Cortés He is an independent consultant and Colombian engineer, with 20 years of experience in the electronic security industry, graduate in project management and engineering expertise in electronic security and building automation NIST is CCP ASIS, and CISSP ISC2. He has extensive experience as a university professor and lecturer electronic security issues. He currently runs his own consulting company and electronic security projects and automation.

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