Provide criteria for design, installation and implementation necessary for the training of professionals and technicians who are involved or starting in the processes of design, operation, maintenance and inspection of alarm systems and fire detection.

Addressed to
Professionals and technicians who are starting as responsible for the design, installation, operation and maintenance of alarm systems and fire detection.

Course content

Within the content it is: Objective of alarm systems and fire detection. Chemistry of fire, fire companies or entities.

Classification systems:

- Local System
- Auxiliary system
- Central Station
- System owner
- Audio system for emergency evacuation and intercom.
- Functions and system components.
- Conventional, directed and intelligent systems.

Theory of operation:
- initiators alarm devices, alarm notification devices and auxiliary devices for monitoring and control
- Criteria location of manual stations
- Selection criteria detectors or sensors
- Coverage ranges
- Parameters affecting the coverage range of smoke and heat sensors
- Criteria for selection and placement of fixed pitch Notifiers alarm and speakers
- Selection criteria and location Notifiers visual alarm for ceiling and wall
- Styles wiring and selection criteria type and amount of drivers, among others

Upon completion of the course participants will be able to:

1. Define the basic principles of operating systems alarm systems and fire detection, based on international standards.
2 Develop the necessary criteria for the design, implementation and inspection of fire alarm and detection systems.
3. Knowing the technical standards for proper installation of alarm systems and fire detection.


This course delivers to pass the final exam, a certificate of ALAS. People who do not pass the exam receive a certificate of attendance. You can take the course again to retake the exam and become certified.

About the Instructor

Eduardo Navarro Eguiluz It is mechanical and electrical engineer specializing in electrical, electronic and telecommunication systems. Has 20 years of industry experience, during which he has worked as Project Manager, Export Manager, Manager, Integrated Systems, Regional Sales Manager, among others, for companies like Grinnell Fire Protection Systems (Mexico), Johnson Controls (Mexico), Grinnell Fire Protection Systems (Latin America), Honeywell Fire Solutions Group - Notifier Division and Honeywell Fire Solutions Group - System Sensor Division. Also has extensive experience as an international lecturer and instructor of fire fighting systems throughout the Latin American context.

Author: Latin Press


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When are these courses I want to send my sales people
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They have date for Mexico?

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