Germán Alexis CortésAim

- Differentiate the different levels of integration between the subsystems of electronic security.
- Know how should interact with different devices in each subsystem to ensure comprehensive communication.

- Learn how the technique can be integrated electronic security networks to centralized management systems BMS type information.
- Develop interest in learning specifications and technical features that continuously improve the integration processes, ensuring end-user satisfaction and improving profitability of companies in the sector.


The course is aimed at professionals in the electronic security industry already know the various existing security systems on the market and are interested in integrating them. Especially engineers, installers, architects, designers and end-users responsible for the technological area and security.


Keynote Presentation, based on audiovisual media. Cases of real projects in Latin America.


18 hours, divided into two days, hours 8am to 6pm, with a lunch break and two breaks 15 minutes mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

Course summary

recognition of the various types of electronic networks that currently exist, indicating which can share technical resources and infrastructure is made. a tour is made for each system by identifying the necessary characteristics of the devices that need to communicate with other systems.

the elements necessary level of general infrastructure around the building intended to accommodate drivers of all systems are described. the various levels of integration and communication protocols to ensure efficient integration differ. LEED is finished knowing, BIQ concepts that serve as tools to determine the level of integration of each complex.

General Course Content

1. Introduction
to. Concepts, Standards

2. subsystems
to. Electronic security
ii. Intrusion detection alarms. (Interior, Perimeter)
iii. Access (People, Visitors, Vehicles, Objects)
iv. Fire (detection and monitoring Automatic Termination)
v. Support and Inspection Requisition
saw. Informatic security
b. communications
i. Voice, Data
ii. Audio and video
c. Control
i. Lighting and HVAC
ii. Electro Mechanical Equipment
iii. fluids

3. Infrastructure
to. protections

4. Integration
to. Control room
b. That devices which talk to others.
c. levels
d. protocols
and. Examples

5. Leed - Biq

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Instructor Information

Germán Alexis Cortes H. is Colombian Electronic Engineer, with postgraduate studies in Engineering Management Systems. Consultant to the National Institute of Standards and Technology - NIST, electronic security and building automation. CCP ASIS, and CISSP ISC2. He has over 20 years of experience in the electronic security industry. Recognized lecturer and university teacher in high-tech issues Latin level. He has been a director of several companies in the sector and is currently a partner and directs Insetrón Ltda, company engineering and technical consulting projects of electronic networks for security, communications and automation. He has successfully participated in more than 150 Latin level projects.

Author: Latin Press


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