altEnrique Tapia Padilla, our guest as CPP month, has more de16 years in the security industry and, 2005, the CPP has ASIS certification.

Santiago Jaramillo Hincapie

In light of their titles, Enrique Tapia Padilla arguably not have a very close security training, however this degree in Marketing, Master in Business Administration, adds more than 16 years in the industry and from 2005 CPP is additional to this has a Diploma in Management Skills in Integral Security.

Besides the above it has received extensive training in Mexico, the US and Europe on issues of Physical Security, Executive Protection, Corporate Security and Analysis of Responsibilities, among others, what good has it supports as a professional through and through.

So it is permanent security advisor in various business associations in Mexico. He is Managing Partner of ALTAIR Protection Consultants, specializing in consulting, intelligence and corporate security training, executive and family protection over five years in the sector firm.

He is also a lecturer, and actively participates in radio, television and print media forums as an analyst of corporate strategies on enterprise security, executive and family protection.

As philanthropic work had the honor of being president of ASIS Chapter Mexico in 2011 winning the World Chapter of the Year Award among almost 250 there in the world.

Since 2012 is Regional Vice President of ASIS International supporting the five chapters that exist in Mexico to meet its objectives. Last year, saturates our guest, won awards over 20 ASIS International distributes worldwide, unprecedented. Personally, ASIS International Enrique Tapia awarded special honors for their performance during the year.

Linking industry
As probably many of his colleagues, our guest, as he himself recounts, came to the industr by "accident"; "As a student of expertise in 1997, I started working at the commercial area of ​​a private security company that was now absorbed by a Swedish company with presence in Mexico. I lusted both security for many years I have trained in the field to achieve desempeñarme as a specialist consultant in corporate security, executive protection and family, that with the strategic vision that gave me my education, I could potentiate the results and understand the entrepreneurial mindset of our customers, "said Tapia.

More than a certification
The CPP is the Maximum Certification Security Directorate worldwide, for its acronym in English means Certificate of Professional Protection and is recognized orbital level, is primarily aimed at managers and directors, security professionals with proven experience in both security and management.

The way to achieve certification is certainly hard, who want to get it to pay the price in sacrifice, enthusiasm and determination, of course, security expertise is imperative in this, explains Enrique Tapia.

Also it emphasizes that "we recertificarnos every three years to give a guarantee that we are current and updated in the middle, properly trained. The person seeking CPP should be an exemplary professional who constantly seek perfection in what it does, it is a pride and impeccability activity in their actions, in addition to being a great colleague security ".

On the other hand, our guest tells us about what the analysis should be performed in a place CPP security are. States that are many, from criminal analysis that impact your business and the various solutions from the technical point of view, to financial analysis and investment returns to decide the best option to counter threats.

"A CPP should be able to make a business plan and an annual budget of security investment perfectly justified and aligned to the business objectives and always in keeping with the heritage and image of the company and the integrity of individuals to protect "he says.

As for the purpose of certification as CPP and how does this help the industry, the Regional Vice President of ASIS states that undoubtedly being CPP "takes you to another level", gives assurance to the customer or the company of the person hiring has a level of professionalism in the field and is a strategist, helping to take in the average professional colleagues and less improvised and opportunistic people.

"Today more and more global companies ask as a requirement in the job profile management or security management CPP distinction, proof of reputation that it has. Although exemplary colleagues also know security without certification and who have learned them a lot for sure, "he says.

Common problems
According to our Mexican prompted the CPP must become a strategist who provides the best security practices to maintain security control in organizations.

"The total security does not exist, but certainly the risk control is crucial. Problems can be as diverse and mild to catastrophic from a simple problem in access control, to a situation of fraud, through extortion, blackmail, internal theft ... seems endless list depending on the nature of the business. The good guard begins at home, so it is important that the concentric circles of security also reach who is at the helm security oneself, "he stresses.

After being asked about what additional knowledge provides certification to support their work performance and professional security, Enrique Tapia said that "for us started via senior management, various operational technical security knowledge from issues of physical security, investigations , knowledge of banned substances, and personnel safety laws among others; for which began in safety, principles and practices of the company or management of emergencies, give that strategic management to add value to their work ", he ponders.

And what has to do with the challenges faced in day to day as CPP, this representative of the Mexican industry points out that one is a great responsibility to carry this label, "we are morally obliged to keep updated on the latest security trends and the administration to show and provide efficient solutions to our businesses, ethical principles I give them as a basis not only of the CPP, but any security professional (although I would love to outside society in general and even not having to mention this issue and take for granted). By showing the distinctive CPP is our duty to give a high quality service, each time show why we are certified. We also have a code of ethics that governs our walk by society, "he emphasized.

Similarly, our guest stresses that electronic security is important the CPP, which must be constantly updated and be in force in the changing world of technological security part. "Today electronic security is an important complement to safety in prevention, but also in the stages of deterrence and reaction, which has also been demonstrated in both the private and public sectors, for example, in Mexico City, with more than 10 thousand cameras installed in the streets, have been reduced delinquency levels in several digits and allows an efficient reaction avoiding impunity that is so damaging to us. "

Turning to the question of what objectives must achieve a CPP in the field of security, Tapia Padilla stressed that reduce risk levels thus increasing safety always with a return on investment is very important.

Also emphasizes that "CPP should be a great support in meeting the objectives of the company for which he works, a person who constantly pave the way to top management, but with the delicacy and intelligence that allows aspire to new safety culture with the support of all employees, permeating from the senior management with a broad conviction that leads by example, not easy but for that we are there to achieve transcendental things ".

He also notes that the leadership of the security professional must constantly adapt to the circumstances and the people in front of him. "We must build this bridge of trust with senior management, without confidence in this environment things are not achieved," he says.

Perspective of the region
Enrique Tapia asserts that Latin America is a means constantly moving and evolving to meet the rapidly changing demands of the market and society in general.

"While in developed countries the private security is well established and well regulated in emerging countries such as those in Latin America, although it is growing and developing its legal framework," he says.

Similarly he concludes that it is confident that together with his colleagues security in Latin America are making the best effort to provide quality services and confidence that add value to companies, which is the only sustainable way to succeed in the middle and addressing the challenges facing the region.

"Pursue security is a noble work that allows us to help society to live safer and peaceful and our customers to meet the objectives of senior management who are drawn year after year."

Santiago Jaramillo
Author: Santiago Jaramillo
Social communicator and journalist with more than 15 years of experience in specialized digital and print media for Latin America. Currently Editor of the Security Sales, Building Management and Academic Coordinator of the TecnoEdificios Congress.


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