altOur guest as Professional of the month in this edition is Alberto Zuluaga Mauricio Ramirez, Spectra Engineering Company, who is one of the most important allies of the Bosch company in Colombia, the Andean region and Central America.

By Santiago Jaramillo H.

Mauricio Alberto Ramirez Zuluaga was born 36 years ago in Cali, Colombia. It is an electronic engineer at the University del Valle, with MBA in Business Management Technology at the University of Nebrija, Spain. It is currently Nhora Quintero is married and is the proud father of Solomon (three years) and Maria Paz (ten months).

During his childhood he practiced Judo, becoming national champion in Colombia in 1991. Today plays soccer with less frequency and quality of what they wanted, but, as he himself says, is a good place to share with friends and even integration in your company.

As for his relationship with the security industry, our Professional of the month tells us that it was at the end of year 2001, when he was hired by Telesat SA, a company dedicated to the marketing of internet links and communication networks. "This company execution of an important project for the supply and installation of a CCTV system with IP technology won, which at that time was complete novelty. Fortunately the operations manager appointed me Telesat SA resident engineer of the project, and from that moment my career is completely oriented to electronic security, "he says.

Similarly, tells our guest, was later hired by the company Ascom of Colombia, where he worked until 2003, when he took, in his own words, the best decision of his life, which was created Spectra Engineering, your company . Shortly two great friends joined the dream, and partners were made.

"Last June we celebrate our ten years in which we have moved from an employee, more than 50. In Colombia we are in Cali, Bogota, Eje Cafetero, Buenaventura and Barranquilla and Medellin soon. Last year we opened our office in Panama, and this year in Costa Rica. Thanks to the commitment of the entire team, the results have been putting a priority to customer satisfaction, "adds Mauricio.

SAFETY SALES wanted to talk with this proud representative of the Colombian industry, who extended us his particular vision of the present electronic security in Latin America and, especially, their country.

SAFETY SALES: What are the challenges facing technological, and managerial and relationship with their subordinates and collaborators?

ZULUAGA MAURICIO RAMIREZ: The main challenge in terms of technology is keeping up-to-date with all the news that is emerging every day in our sector. Customers are increasingly better prepared and expect to learn from us as technology providers.

Internally in the company's challenge is to keep motivated team of the organization, which has been achieved thanks to are people who besides being excellent professionals in the work that each plays, have an attitude of serving and wellness among all that make us to have a very good working environment.

VDS: In a nutshell: what, or what goals you should achieve a manager in the field of a security company are? In the same vein: what, or what comprehensive targets (customers and employees) must have a security integration company?

MZR: The main objective to be achieved by a manager in the field of security, is to generate confidence that customers require, to feel they are placing a great responsibility, as is the security of its facilities in a solid company with great values and principles, and that all staff is equally committed to the long-awaited permanent customer satisfaction.

VDS: Briefly, describe us one day his work: time of arrival at work, developed work, problems and solutions, interpersonal exchange of views and concepts, transfers, personnel management, decision making, outstanding issues, departure time, etc?

MZR: All days are different; there are days that I go to the office from the 4: 30 am, as there are others that arrived after the 10: 00 am Nor do I have a certain departure time. The idea is to find a balance between the time that should be dedicated to work and time for the family.

I like to do a fortnightly committees whole area of ​​Projects and Engineering, but in general, I avoid constant meetings of many people, because it seems more efficient to meet with the director of each of the areas and let each of them make his job.

Personally I consider that one of the main functions of a manager is to sell, regardless of whether we have a great commercial director with an excellent team. Therefore, I spend a lot of time searching for new clients and new projects.

altVDS: Latin America was normalized in terms of economics: there are greater capital flows and foreign investors are turning their gaze to the region. How do you see the future and the possibilities of expansion of the industry in the region?

MZR: We are very confident to continue growing in the region, and proof of this is our expansion in countries like Panama and Costa Rica.

We are convinced that we are in a sector of long-term growth, not only because security is an intrinsic need of the human being, but because security technology is advancing by leaps and bounds. Obviously the macroeconomic factors affect the sector, but there are ways to take advantage of every moment, even in economic crises.

VDS: What, from your point of view, the evolution that has taken the security industry in his country in the years of working on it? What are the peculiarities of the electronic security industry in your country from the point of view of technologies that are in demand and offer, the customer needs and solutions offered by companies?

MZR: In each area of ​​security changes in these few years they have been very significant. To give one example, the type of video recording, has evolved allowing recording times unthinkable a few years ago, when done with tapes in VCRs.
In Colombia, I believe that for several years, businessmen and the government have understood that technology is the most efficient way to achieve high growth objectives. This has made the IT world, which seemed a few years away from the world of security, today are completely linked.

VDS: What is your opinion regarding education, training and updating of all personnel working in the field of security integration?

MZR: We sell electronic integration projects come from two scenarios safety or security previously only sold therefore have had to learn from the world IT, communications networks, servers, etc. Or come from the IT world, and now have had to learn security. This aspect makes somehow all remain in constant learning, and with a high need to train our employees because who does not, will rapidly fall behind.

Here the manufacturers have a great part of responsibility in the success or failure of their solutions, since if the integrating company does not have the adequate training to implement a project, it will be the image of that manufacturer that will be affected.

VDS: What do you think are the reasons for its recognition in the field of security in his country and Latin America?

It is a great pride to receive this recognition, and I do not feel that it is a personal award, but a recognition to the entire human group that makes up Spectra Engineering. It is a boost to continue working with responsibility and with ambitious but real goals.

Five success factors
The following are some of the factors which Mauritius claims to have a successful business:
1. human group with great values ​​and great professionalism.
2. Persistence.
3. open to change mentality.
4. Honesty.
5. constant pursuit of customer satisfaction.

Santiago Jaramillo
Author: Santiago Jaramillo
Social communicator and journalist with more than 15 years of experience in specialized digital and print media for Latin America. Currently Editor of the Security Sales, Building Management and Academic Coordinator of the TecnoEdificios Congress.


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