As we all know is important to be informed, however it is important to be objective with the information we receive daily.

By Adhir Uzcategui *

Many people make decisions based on rumors and news that should not affect them.

There was once a person who lived next to a road where he sold some delicious meatballs with bread. It was very busy and therefore not hear radio, did not read the newspapers or watch television. He rented a piece of land, he puts a big fence and announced his merchandise screaming his lungs: "Buy delicious hot meatballs".

And people bought them. It increased the purchase of bread and meat. He bought a larger to take care of business field, and worked so much that arranged for his son left the university where he studied Commercial Sciences to help him.

However, there was something very important; his son said: "Old man, do not you listen to the radio or read the papers ... are suffering a serious crisis !. The situation is really bad, worse could not be?.!".

The father thought: "My son is studying at the University, read newspapers, watch television and listen to the radio should be better than I what is happening ... know.".

Then he bought less bread and less meat. He took the harbinger fence, I leave the land rent in order to eliminate the expense and no longer announced its rich meatballs with bread. And sales were decreasing every day.

"You were right my son," he told the boy. "Truly we are suffering a great crisis."

Do not keep talking about crisis.
Talk only to do good business, good jobs and good jobs.
If we are programmed to fail, we fail.
If we set our minds to win, we will win.

It is a simple personal choice

"A problem well stated is a problem solved"
First, collect all the information possible about your company, your resources, your market ... and analyzes possible solutions taking special care not to confuse the facts with value judgments. For clarity, only uses variables that can back up with facts and real data and eliminates coming from expressions like "I think ..." or "I think ...".

If you clear your decisions, "it will be much easier to maintain, even if they are not politically correct. You must put them into practice, but always taking into account how they will emotionally affect employees. We must be firm, but manage well the effect on the computer. And in this sense it is essential not to make decisions that go against our own values, "says Belen Davila, manager of Randstad HR support.

Your ability to get employees to become involved in your anti-crisis strategy will also be key to reaching fruition.

Ronald C. Stern, president of consulting firm Stern International recommends "humanize the company because if your team is afraid, will not be able to act, and in these the most important thing now is to act. It's like in football. Whoever arrives and has a chance to score a goal not going to ask for fear of the coach whether to shoot or not, because then you have already lost the opportunity. "

The approach in a company is identical. "You need to create a human environment, to be authentic as a person and if we talk about leadership, to set an example. The employer should be required himself much more than what others expect of him. Being a leader is to be in front, not on top, "says Stern.

Do not lose focus
To Bethlehem Dávila, leadership in difficult times should be centered on two points: focus and execution. "We must try to look at the crisis away visualize the factors that caused it, detail it the most and try to visualize its end. Thus, we can better analyze the situation and fathoming the best way to handle the problem and reach a final solution, "he explains.

Not to deviate from our goal, Dávila recommends "take a little distance and see this situation as if it were a movie. Visualize why things happen and what I think would be the main actor to get out of this crisis. If you take away and visualize, you'll be able to see it as a participant and take the emotion (in this case pressure) situations. "

Happy selling!

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Santiago Jaramillo
Author: Santiago Jaramillo
Social communicator and journalist with more than 15 years of experience in specialized digital and print media for Latin America. Currently Editor of the Security Sales, Building Management and Academic Coordinator of the TecnoEdificios Congress.


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