Alejandro Rodriguez, regional sales director for Mexico and Central America Avigilon company, is our guest of the month as a professional in this issue of security sales.

By Santiago Jaramillo Hincapie

Alejandro Rodriguez was born 22 1971 January in autlán, Jalisco, Mexico, a city famous for its Carnival and bullfighting. He spent his childhood there with his family and received his basic education through high school, when he decided he wanted to become an engineer. At that time I had to leave her family and move to Guadalajara to study Electromechanical Engineering. It was 1989.

"When I was about to graduate, personal computers took off and immediately felt attracted to everything related to information technologies," says Rodriguez, who began working for the Department of Academic Computing at the University of Guadalajara. "I remember I had my first email about 1993, but had not many people who write because it was not common to have email on those dates," he says.

Our Professional 1994 graduated month, with the best average in the class, President of Generation and Academic Excellence Award.

His first formal job was as a computer network administrator, giving network maintenance, computer equipment and training, anything related to his training as a mechanical and electrical engineering end users. Three years after finishing school, Alexander decided he wanted to work in something related to his career, so he quit his job as IT manager and became executive sales of smart buildings and security in the company Digital Systems Guadalajara.

"Control of air conditioning and energy efficiency fields are quite interesting, but what intrigued me was the video surveillance systems and access control. 1998 was the best technology available at that time were analog cameras, VCRs recording by multiplexers and nothing was connected to a computer network, "he says.

Alejandro, who has been in the security industry for over 14 years, currently works for the company Avigilon and serves as Regional Sales Manager for Mexico and Central America, recalls with emotion when the first network cameras were presented. "In those days was more of a curiosity, a picture every four seconds or so, but it was wonderful to see video on a computer through the network. Were the first signs of joining two markets: IT and physical security, stressed Rodriguez.

As for how was their link to the security industry, Alejandro Rodriguez relates that occurred around 1999, when he left the part of intelligent buildings of digital systems and joined Richardson Electronics, a distributor of electronic safety equipment that was present in Mexico for a few years.

"It was during that time that I met more detail industry. Two years later I received an invitation from Mario Ramirez, Guillermo Palma and Brent Douglass to join as Technical Support Crockett International, a company representative brand for the Latin American market. In those days there were only four people for all the Mexican territory. "

Alexander worked for ten years for Crockett International, and had the opportunity to learn more about IP products including video encoders and recording software. Remember many good projects that did in those days, his early experience with IT systems and computer networks were very useful and helped him understand in depth the perspective of IT managers when working on implementation projects of electronic security systems.

"I had the opportunity to grow within Crockett International, Technical Support, then Technical Sales Manager for the West and later as Sales Manager for Mexico. At that time I had the unique experience of witnessing the transition of our industry, VCRs and multiplexers to DVRs (Digital Video Recorders), then the early stages of systems IP video standard resolution, then the Megapixel IP systems and now the video solutions Super HD "notes Alejandro Rodriguez, who says that also part of your memories frequent customer complaints regarding the lack of recorded evidence of good quality, a situation that seems a distant memory technology Avigilon available today.

In 2012, Alejandro began on a new role as CEO of Technological Advances, a highly specialized solutions wireless data transport and infrastructure distributor.

"I am currently working as Regional Director of Sales at Avigilon, a person born in 2004 as a provider of complete solutions for HD video company. He is a young player in the market but our value proposition is really powerful. We pride ourselves on providing the best High Definition technology in the industry, easy to use and with an excellent cost / benefit ratio. Our technical support 24 / 7 is also a fundamental part of our success, "says our Professional of the month.

SAFETY SALES: What are the challenges facing technological, and managerial and relationship with their subordinates and collaborators?

ALEJANDRO RODRÍGUEZ: Collaboration flexibility, good communication and are key to success in our market, ever changing. We need to be able to work wherever we are, at any time and adapt to the needs and priorities of our customers. Our "office" is anywhere with cell phone coverage and internet access. Keeping our highly motivated, with current, relevant and accurate information on results focused team consistently is critical to our success. We need the right combination of technology and human capital to achieve our goals.

VDS: In a nutshell: what, or what goals you should achieve a manager in the field of a security company are? In the same vein: what, or what comprehensive targets (customers and employees) must have a security integration company?

AR: In my opinion, as managers we exist to serve. We have an obligation to consider the needs of our customers at all times and seek to offer the necessary assistance. We can not forget that we are specialists in our field and when someone comes to us looking for a solution, they are seeking our professional support to help them solve their problems. We need to provide a solid team of professionals working very well together, with a clear focus on providing service to our customers exepcional. I have seen many companies create excellent products and fail due to lack of willingness to serve its customers. My challenge as a manager is to create a focused team of high skills, with clear objectives for them and pay special attention to their needs, removing any obstacle to your success.

VDS: Latin America was normalized in terms of economics: there are greater capital flows and foreign investors are turning their gaze to the region. How do you see the future and the possibilities of expansion of the industry in the region?

AR: I see a positive scenario for our market in the region. Mexico is emerging from a slump due to changes in government and changes to our taxes, I have confidence that 2015 be a great year for everyone. When organizations have small budgets need to invest strategically, what makes Avigion an excellent choice because our solutions are high quality, very easy to use, and provide our customers with an excellent ROI. In addition, our customers are increasingly aware that require better security solutions and many organizations are looking for better alternatives.

VDS: What, from your point of view, the evolution that has taken the security industry in his country in the years of working on it? What are the peculiarities of the electronic security industry in your country from the point of view of technologies that are in demand and offer, the customer needs and solutions offered by companies?

AR: Our industry is evolving rapidly. - New solutions that incorporate transmission over IP, high-definition video, integration with standard information technologies, all this is having a tremendous impact. Integrators have a strong challenge ahead to evolve and incorporate these new technologies into its product portfolio. Integrators who sell only analog systems with DVRs soon will be relegated to a small segment of the market with little growth and low margins. To remain competitive, integrators need to learn more about IP solutions and train staff appropriately.

VDS: What is your opinion regarding education, training and updating of all personnel working in the field of security integration?

AR: The technology in the security industry moves so rapidly now that our industry is strongly connected with the sector of Information Technology. Constant training and education are key to success. As manufacturers, we play an important role as coaches for our customers but also need "independent brand" training. ALAS and organizations like ASIS play a key role in ensuring that our industry remains up to date and properly trained.

In my opinion, the training materials need to be constantly revised to include the latest innovations in the market and train for the future, not the past. In Avigilon, we take our training program very seriously and work hard to keep our materials and informative, interesting and updated methods.

VDS: How do you see the future of the security industry in your country with respect to threats, demands and technological applications?

AR: I think the security industry will continue with good growth throughout Latin America. I expect to see a significant number of new companies coming to market but rapidly disappearing due to lack of adequate support and products that do not provide real value to end users, despite their low costs.

Customers need to be very selective when choosing a business partner or supplier, it is important that they have products that will support its growth, business continuity and longevity. In my opinion, we continue to see innovations in video surveillance, alarms, access control and home automation.

VDS: What do you think are the reasons for its recognition in the field of security in his country and Latin America?

It is an honor to be recognized in the industry. I greatly value the strong relationships that I have built over the years. I like to believe that my colleagues and customers enjoy doing business with me because I'm always willing to help, I have a great knowledge of the industry, solutions and products available, and always look for a win-win. I am also able to "adjust" the conversation according to the interests and approaches of the audience. I am very good at telling success stories and painting a full picture rather than just repeating numbers and technical specifications.

Alexander, the man and his family
Alejandro bluntly state that family is his main hobby. "My wife Elizabeth does a wonderful job keeping our daughters Andrea and Maria Jose in one piece while working; It is great to see them grow, learn and evolve to become independent human beings. I cherish every moment with my family, recharge my batteries very quickly and gives meaning to many other things happening around us, "ponders Alejandro Rodriguez

Similarly notes that loves to travel. "Every city, every different society has something new to offer, something to learn. I think it's really interesting to learn about how people live in other cities and countries. "

It also indicates that enjoys technology and follows closely innovations in the market. "The technology itself does not seem so important, the impact on the lives of people is what gives greater meaning. For example, just look at the impact it has had internet: a global network connecting us instantly so that we can interact and share information. You can help a family to join more, but can also cause stress information overload. It is a wonderful time, but we must be careful not to be absorbed by technology and forget the human interaction. "

It also says that "this may sound a little" nerd "but since childhood I have enjoyed superhero comics. At the end of the 80's comic books were colorful and very light stories. Over the years, they have changed to be dark, very complex and very strong emotional content stories. I think it is a reflection of society itself. "

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5 success factors in Avigilio
1. Avigilon defines the future of protection through comprehensive solutions, innovative security.
2. Technological leadership and innovation Avigilon are key factors in the adoption of our high definition solutions and our rapid growth.
3. Avigilon is at the forefront of the evolution from analog to digital surveillance solutions in high definition
4. With the addition of access control and video analytics to our portfolio, Avigilon differs as a leader in the global security market
5. Our successful growth strategy focuses on: increasing our brand recognition, expanding the reach of our sales force and accelerate innovation

Santiago Jaramillo
Author: Santiago Jaramillo
Social communicator and journalist with more than 15 years of experience in specialized digital and print media for Latin America. Currently Editor of the Security Sales, Building Management and Academic Coordinator of the TecnoEdificios Congress.


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