Marcos MenezesMarcos Menezes, Country Manager of Bosch Security Systems in Chile, is our guest as Professional of the month in this issue of security sales.

By Santiago Jaramillo Hincapie

Born in Brasilia, Brazil, Brazilian Marcos Menezes has Spanish nationality and also is systems analyst profession. He started working with 14 years old packing products in a company, to 16 years managed to make a technical course of software development, and 19 years and was head of Data Center.

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"In the middle of the year 1997, when I participated in a presentation of recording equipment and transmission of Spanish video, which was connected by a telephone line from Brasilia to a DVR installed in a bank office in Madrid, he came an image to seven seconds at a resolution of 320x240 and when I saw the image of another country online and colors, I decided I wanted to go this way. I changed my career after this experience, "Marcos Menezes.

"I am in the area of ​​electronic security from 17 years ago, now I realize it has been quite some time, but the passion for this activity has kept me under" acknowledged nuestrp guest.

He also acknowledged that he has had the opportunity to work in various roles and areas of this sector, as they are; installer, integrator, developer, consultant, coach and executive.

Menezes was director of ABINEE (Brazilian Association of Electrical and Electronics Industry) and ABESE (Brazilian Association of Enterprise Electronic Security Systems), working for the standardization and regulation of the sector.

Since March this year serves as Country Manager of Bosch Security Systems in Chile. Before he worked for Spanish companies electronic security for eight years until he joined Bosch in 2005.

This professional in our industry is married and has three children, also recognizes that being president for life, full time, this venture (family) is exciting and motivating.

Also he says that one of his hobbies is trying to get back to practice in Chile is the paintball, "I like the theme of the strategy, action, battle, attack, defend, protect and team play, all this keeps you mentally 100% there and at the end you can be damaged and tired, but without stress, "he added.

SAFETY SALES: What are the challenges facing technological, and managerial and relationship with their subordinates and collaborators?

MARCOS MENEZES: Work in a company that takes 20 new patents / innovations per working day, creates a good guide to the future. The challenge is to keep updated with new product lines, releases and what lies ahead.

The most profound changes are in the video area, the transition from analog to IP demanding and requires significant additional knowledge and networking and IT. Today the processing capacity with the cameras is impressive, today it is not only to capture and transmit video.

The location of a camera, fixed or PTZ, is not only based on the function to identify, recognize or detect people or objects. There are concepts and issues that merit focus put at risk or suspicious behavior that should be detected by an intelligent video analysis, which basically transforms the image information content.

This requires professionals consultative sales that generate added value to the project, not only selling iron bars, but rather intelligence, optimization of resources, operating model solutions for efficient storage, scalability, systems integration and intelligent video search via metadata.

The big challenge is to have a strategy of continuous training, field experience (dirty hands), obtain opportunities for improvement through the post-sale generating a life cycle to improve our processes and value proposition.

VDS: What, or what goals you should achieve a manager in the field of a security company are? In the same vein: what, or what comprehensive targets (customers and employees)?

MM: Electronic security is protection of life and property, there is no room for mistake. It should have the same selection criteria used, for example to buy a parachute, there is no margin for error.

Vertical specialization, knowing all the characteristics and needs of the client's business better than yourself, have partners who are active and add value at all stages of the sale, after-sales and training are a key success.

VDS: How do you see the future and the possibilities of expansion of the industry in the region?

MM: In general economic growth is low in our region fortunately in some vertical investments in safety and security remain strong, in some countries like Chile was much moved by the force of law when the government requires a new standard the market moves faster.

YOU: What, from your point of view, the evolution that has taken the security industry in his country in the years of working on it? What are the peculiarities of the electronic security industry in your country from the point of view of technologies that are in demand and offer, the customer needs and solutions offered by companies?

MM: The great challenge today's market is the integration of systems, customers need a single overview of security systems, seeking software and hardware that allow easy integration, high availability, scalable and low maintenance.

The TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is becoming a criterion for the technological acquisition in our market, and customers are looking for technologies to lower the costs of maintenance and updates, automated processes and intelligent optimizing operating resources and that are simple.

This raises the level of the entire chain selling our market, virtually forcing companies to specialize in this area.

VDS: What is your opinion regarding education, training and updating of all personnel working in the field of security integration?

MM: Training and keep up to date and outlook for the future is vital for professionals and companies in our market, it is a matter of survival.

VDS: How do you see the future of the security industry in your country with respect to threats, demands and technological applications?

MM: The market generally speaking is worked; there are still spaces for specialized and integrated applications.

Success factors in Bosch

  1. Guidance for the future and long-term results.
  2. Reliability, credibility and legality.
  3. Innovation.
  4. Local presence with support from pre-sales to after-sales.
  5. comprehensive and integrated electronic security equipment portfolio.
Santiago Jaramillo
Author: Santiago Jaramillo
Social communicator and journalist with more than 15 years of experience in specialized digital and print media for Latin America. Currently Editor of the Security Sales, Building Management and Academic Coordinator of the TecnoEdificios Congress.


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