Dear business partners and allies within less than 50 days, we will be meeting again in Miami for the Latin American Meeting of Leaders of Security.
This appointment represents an important step in the consolidation of our great event.
For our sponsors it is definitely a great opportunity to reach a specialized audience, management level and takes the most important decisions in the acquisition and purchase of security solutions.
The product exhibition and networking spaces, with sessions designed exclusively for business contact, allow attendees to meet with colleagues and networking contacts, an added value that has the Summit and during the four previous editions it has highlighted the as the most important event of its segment.
For our attendees it is the best place for learning, healthy debate and academic upgrading.
Expert presentations will allow attendees of the Summit broaden their knowledge and skills in marketing, leadership and coaching.
They also discover the conditions that must have to bring their brands to participate in major events worldwide, know how to generate impact in major cities in Latin America with their projects and products, and can take ideas to make their companies still excel in adverse situations .
The panels allow attendees to learn about normativities standards and regulations Electronic Security in Latin America.
In addition, it will present the new UL 2802, first standard in the industry from an independent laboratory to measure the performance of the video image of the cameras. Three people UL will be present to answer questions and have documentation in Spanish.
For many of those to those who have never attended a summit or perhaps are not convinced to do that, we present these reasons:
5 reasons to attend the ALAS Management Summit
It is the only event of its kind in Latin America and the Caribbean (Congress and sample technology into one).
It is the event that brings together key directors and managers of security in the region.
Find in one place the major manufacturers and distributors of security systems.
It is the main meeting place for making business contacts with the VIP members of the industry.
Miami is the business center of Latin America and the host hotel DoubleTree by Hilton Miami Airport Convention Center is conveniently located minutes from the airport 3.
We hope count with your participation. See you next month in Miami.
Lyda Durango
Director of Marketing and Communications

Communications alarm systems
By Luis González
instructor ALAS
Entradilla: It is essential to clear the structure of a receiving station alarm signals to understand how communications operate from alarm panels stations.
Much has been said about the media with which we now have to bring those signals alarm panels reporting to monitoring stations.
First, I present the essence of the structure of a receiving station alarm signal (CRA), this principle should be clear and seldom mentioned.
A receiving station alarm signals (CRA) consists of a shaped hardware and software structure that is intended to serve as receiver of all or those signals that are scheduled to be delivered to the latter by other systems (alarm panels).
Who generates these signals? Each alarm panels (subscribers, accounts and customers) which the monitoring station should monitor or monitor.
And depending on their nature of business (giving feedback, managing the call to security agencies responsible to the received signal or announce a specific target of the anomaly presented).
Traditionally it used the landline (PSTN) for this activity (communication to CRA). But like everything in our era, it has evolved into faster media, and wireless encrypted to achieve this communication.
Several manufacturers already have within their product line a number of journalists who have up to internal redundancy contained within the same unit.
We can get deliver signals wirelessly to a CRA using channels such as GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications, English Global System for Mobile Communications), GPRS (General Packet Radio Service or General Packet Radio), Radio (Telemetry ).
And other communicators channel we can get that deliver signals via TCP / IP (Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol), Intranet (computer network that uses Internet Protocol technology to share information.
We also found communicator devices of the generic type, which is nothing but the adaptation simulator telephone line entries Ring and Tip alarm panels and generally using a communication format Contac Id, can encrypt the data in order to add security to make IP receptors alarms.
What is achieved with these new means of transmission?
Faster delivery signals compared to the PSTN system (Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).
Monitoring each of these communicators, if programmed under that mode.
Bidirectionality data as the case and the model used. With them we get access to the alarm panel remotely, for status and configuration activities.
Economy in terms of cost of service or communication channel, because with TCP / IP access to the information channel is much lower than using a PSTN channel relative to costs vs airtime communication or package submit. Especially when we have subscribers in remote areas where access to PSTN uses a high cost, for example outside the Republic.
These communicators have, depending on the model and manufacturer with own embedded therein redundancy, can achieve communication via GSM, GPRS and TCP / IP in a single unit.
Being very consistent these models for reliability and safety when an attempt to sabotage a specific channel. In fact the PSTN using root is not ruled out, however it has oversight of the channel being Back-up of this other modalities described above (GSM, GPRS, TCP / IP).
Every time they go merging the electricity, electronics and communications within the same sector: security. Being modules that depend on a location within a WAN (Wide Area Network by the acronym (wide area network) or (Local Area Network) LAN, network we will need to know a minimum of systems to understand and locate our communicators on the network where the CRA works.
Like when using GPRS channels for transmitting signals units. In this case we should adhere to a pre routings and established by the contracted carrier communications.
Currently we find wide diversity when choosing the media to use, this will depend on the needs of our client, the viability site implement one or other technology and / or costs for the implementation of the communication channel .
Technology will migrate to the wireless field and towards the use of computer networks. And depending on the degree of safety and redundancy in the system security, it has several means of getting signals to a CRA.
Today large customers, who in your organization have offices and branches whether domestic or outside national territory, they use their computer networks or virtualize their existing networks in order to use transport to these signals, which this time are alarm.
There are certain criteria for the use of the IP channel, but that's another column topic.
Santiago Jaramillo
Author: Santiago Jaramillo
Social communicator and journalist with more than 15 years of experience in specialized digital and print media for Latin America. Currently Editor of the Security Sales, Building Management and Academic Coordinator of the TecnoEdificios Congress.


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