In the hectic corporate world it is easy to fall into the mistake of letting our knowledge oxidize. Lack of time, long commutes, incompatible schedules and many other reasons prevent undertake a new academic challengeBut likewise we face every day the need to be aware of the latest updates that allow us to make the right decisions for our business.

Thinking precisely in this situation, the Association implemented nearly three years ago Webinar ALAS, an upgrade tool that allows you to compress quickly the topics of greatest interest to the security industry and also conform to the limited time many of its professionals.

The Webinar ALAS are academic spaces online where for about 90 minutes an expert shares his knowledge with up to 500 assistants. Soundings, chat, shared documents, among other tools, make the Webinar space pleasant for much interaction and learning.

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Panelists responsible for leading the webinar are experts from companies that are part of corporate partners ALAS. To attend a Webinar is only necessary to have internet connection and willingness to learn.

During the 2016 we have made five Webinar ALAS reflecting the great success of these spaces. We received on average 630 245 enrollees and attendees for each of them.

Video solutions and integrations with access control, RFID technologies, alarm systems, security standards and best practices in cabling infrastructure are just some of the issues that have been addressed in recent Webinar.

ALAS we will continue working to increase opportunities for updating the Latin American security industry. If you have not already part of a Webinar ALAS, we invite you to live this dynamic learning experience.

We do not see on the Web!

The ALAS Management Summit, designed for decision makers

the ALAS Management Summit 2016 two-day conference and exhibition of products of the leading brands in the industry, where attendees will be provided with an interesting program that will help them make better decisions in the companies that direct approaches .

As stated by Sam Walton, entrepreneur founder of Wal-Mart and Sam's stores, "Leaders stand out for ways to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it's amazing all that can achieve ". And what better way to lead a team that discovered the keys to make it.

Summit Management ALAS is a great opportunity to strengthen the capacities of the leaders of security companies in Latin America, because there together people of different nationalities willing to establish business will be found for this, the spaces and lecturers will provide them with the necessary tools to attendees to achieve them.

It is no secret that the industry has a rapid growth in the region, as the same subject experts say, due to contingencies and needs facing Latin American cities in terms of safety, so it is necessary for professionals to prepare not only in technological issues if not the way to deal with change and expand their businesses.

A future perspective of the Industry
In the hands of security experts in Latin America, the strategies of large companies will be unveiled to address promising coming changes as well, the event will have panel discussions, including Panel Manufacturers in where it was discussed about the future of Electronic Security.

For two days, the event will provide full information so that attendees can cope with the changes and developments in the industry for years to come.

In addition, managers of the winning projects of ALAS Prize will share the reasons that led them to achieve the titles of "Best Public Security project in Latin America and the Caribbean" and likewise "Best Private security project in Latin America and the Caribbean" .

Who attends the Summit Management?

  • managers; presidents, directors and general managers of the security areas.
  • Owners and senior executives from security companies.
  • Authorities and industry leaders in the region.
  • Sales and marketing companies providing products and security services.
  • Security consultants.
  • Directors or security chiefs.
  • Persons wishing to make business contacts at management level.

Preliminary agenda of the ALAS Management Summit
The event will offer an academic agenda focused on strengthening skills and management, commercial skills and techniques attendees, among these are:

  • Applications electronic security Do technological complexity or integrated solution? the vision of the end user by Jose Paulino González, Regional Security Manager for the Americas at Wood Group.
  • Strategies to counter the risks affecting the normal development of the business, which will expose Giovanni Pichling, Manager of Risk Management in the Banking Association of Peru.
  • Brazil, economies and opportunities in the security market, by Arthur Schuler da Igreja, JAZZ Consulting Partner.
  • High performance teams, how to evaluate your performance and your team, offered by Carlos Aguirre. Coach Career Services, INCAE Business School.
  • Be Extraordinary, conference Marcos Sousa, Director Exceeding Training and Business Consulting.
  • Security in the supply chain, business opportunities in Latin America by Eduardo Hernandez Ruiz, director of Supply Chain Security Management.

** Schedule subject to change
The Latin American Security Association, organizer of the event, invites interested persons to attend the meeting of the leaders of the security of the region to make contact with Laura Martínez in the email:

Santiago Jaramillo
Author: Santiago Jaramillo
Social communicator and journalist with more than 15 years of experience in specialized digital and print media for Latin America. Currently Editor of the Security Sales, Building Management and Academic Coordinator of the TecnoEdificios Congress.


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