Mauro Lima Vaz

Professional Month this year is Mauro Lima Vaz, Vice President of Bosch Security Systems for Latin America and the Caribbean. 26 years ago it belongs to this company. Among its main passions, he highlights his family and photography.

By Santiago Jaramillo Hincapie

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Mauro Lima Vaz, our guest as Professional SALES SECURITY month, was born in Campinas, Brazil, in July 1964. He graduated in Economics with Post Graduate in Marketing School of Economics Vienna, Austria. He adjusted 26 years working in the Bosch company, which 11 years has been dedicated to the security industry. Also worth noting that he has worked in different countries, such as Austria, Poland and Germany. Since July 2014 assumed the position of Vice President of Bosch Security Systems for Latin America and the Caribbean

As mentioned, Mauro Lima Vaz Bosch has always worked in different areas. In 1999 took office as responsible for the business division of Bosch Telecom in Austria, which contained a small business security systems integration, especially in what he had to do with intrusion and fire. This phase was when he developed a passion for this industry. After a break, the second contact with the industry was in Germany, where, among 2006 and 2013 was Regional Director of Building Technologies area in Berlin with responsibility for security and business communications.

Precisely to broaden her story and the same time, his vision of the industry regiona invite Mauro Lima Vaz.

SAFETY SALES: What are the challenges facing technological, and managerial and relationship with their subordinates and collaborators?

MAURO LIMA VAZ: I think one of the fundamental challenges of the industry is the transition and integration with the IP world. Which brings us not only a technological change but also adaptations in the way of thinking and organizing our work. It is not a new change, but if we will accompany for long.

Since the intensity of change is different between different product lines we handle. For example in video surveillance is a change already established, however in areas such as fire detection systems is just beginning to work on the issue. On the inside we are looking increasingly focus on the most important fundamentals of our business and have a stronger synchronization between the different regions of Latin America to create more synergies and learn from each other.

What I like at work in our continent is precisely the diversity of cultures and ideas and at the same time the challenge is to organize ourselves so that we can take advantage of this without losing the focus of our market.

SALES SAFETY: Do you remember any anecdote or anecdotes, you want to mention and which obtained learning for professional and personal activity work?

MAURO LIMA VAZ: Yes, a story that I like very much for the content and which corresponds much to my way of thinking is: - The CFO of a company enters the room the CEO and asks: Training of Mr. Perez is very expensive we will cost more than $ 10 000. Are you sure we should send it to the training? What if Mr. Smith is leaving the company after training? - CEO's response: Yes, we will send it to training. Possible costs if Mr. Perez will leave us after training are lower than the costs would have if Mr. Perez stays with us and does training! The message is, the cost to develop skills in people is an investment, not a cost.

SAFETY SALES: Tell us about your family, hobbies, other interests (music, sports, travel, other fields of knowledge) apart from security integration.

MAURO LIMA VAZ: I am happily married and have three wonderful daughters. The largest are studying in Vienna and the smallest is with us in Brazil. Outside of work I have a big passion for photography, which includes an extensive collection of cameras. The oldest camera I have is the year 1933. If interested invite you to visit my page photograph. Link:

SAFETY SALES: In a nutshell: what, or what goals you should achieve a manager in the field of a security company are?

MAURO LIMA VAZ: In the same vein: what, or what comprehensive targets (customers and employees) must have a security integration company?

I think the most important success factors are: - Ability to fully understand the business of our customers and their most important challenges. - Ensure high technological competence in our equipment using the most modern means of communication available - The flexibility to adapt to changes. We live in a time where this happens faster and faster. I think these factors are important with the same intensity for industry, for distribution and for integration into the security industry

SALES SECURITY: Briefly, describe us one day his work: time of arrival at work, developed work, problems and solutions, interpersonal exchange of views and concepts, transfers, personnel management, decision making, outstanding issues, departure time, etc?

MAURO LIMA VAZ: I have no very definite routine work, because my work is influenced by different factors. More than half of my working time I am traveling, visiting customers and our teams in different regions of Latin America. When I travel to different regions, they are very full of activities and trips that I like to visit customers to understand the challenges and problems of these also meet our internal staff in each region. When I am in Campinas, Brazil our headquarters logically I have many tasks of planning, organization and meetings, which are part of my role.

SALES SECURITY: Latin America is normalized in terms of economics: there are greater capital flows and foreign investors are turning their gaze to the region. How do you see the future and the possibilities of expansion of the industry in the region?

MAURO LIMA VAZ: One of the factors that attracted me to come to Latin America is precisely the number of opportunities we have here. Demand for investments in the public and private security is huge. Mineral reserves in our continent have great potential. We have many projects in various verticals like transportation, entertainment, banking, retail, among others. It is a region in full development, which allows us to grow strongly.

SAFETY SALES: What, from your point of view, the evolution that has taken the security industry in his country in the years of working on it? What are the peculiarities of the electronic security industry in your country from the point of view of technologies that are in demand and offer, the customer needs and solutions offered by companies?

MAURO LIMA VAZ: I do not find much time in Latin America, but I think that the challenges here are very similar to global challenges in our electronic security industry. From the standpoint of development and integration technologies the open platforms is a convergent evolution.

We traditionally had the reputation of being a closed company with our systems today are already using open technologies and offering the possibility to third parties to integrate with our systems. Another important element is the increasingly strong integration of supporting highly sensitive sensors detect fire, intrusion, and video surveillance. The application of intelligent video analysis also found a very high demand.

Our difference is that Smart Scanning technology we have it embedded in the camera, which allows the customer to save resources on servers. If I think of the "commercial" segments and "public safety", I think we can talk about the following general demands - Prevention before detection - Be accessible anywhere at any time - Intelligent Evacuation System - High level data security - portable sensors (video) complementing the installed sensors - integrated Communications Security in public projects.

We as Bosch have the advantage of relying on 38 000 people working in research and development globally (out of 300 000 employees worldwide) So we have the ability to be present in all these trends. This ensures participation in all technological developments in our industry

SAFETY SALES: What is your opinion regarding education, training and retraining of all personnel working in the field of security integration?

MAURO LIMA VAZ: According to the story told above, you can understand my point of view is in favor of investment in training and training of our employees, because it is critical for success in the security industry

SAFETY SALES: List the factors of success of your company:

MAURO LIMA VAZ: There are four values ​​of the Bosch Corporation, which are based on the long term:

Our financial stability

Our innovation Force

Our brands

The people with whom we work are customers and employees

Santiago Jaramillo
Author: Santiago Jaramillo
Social communicator and journalist with more than 15 years of experience in specialized digital and print media for Latin America. Currently Editor of the Security Sales, Building Management and Academic Coordinator of the TecnoEdificios Congress.


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