Basilio Angel Holowczak, very close to reaching their 77 years, is a professional who knows today as few of the electronic security industry in Latin America. He is our guest as Professional Month this issue of security sales.

By Santiago Jaramillo Hincapie

The engineer Basilio Angel Holowczak is responsible for Latin America and the Caribbean Region in the company Takenaka Engineering Co. Ltd. (Japan TAKEX) is always up to date on the latest trends in electronic security, in fact, it has an extensive history trascurrir security.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina, is the birthplace of Basil, he was born 24 1939 October.

The education he received was the primary, secondary (high school diploma) and university (electronics engineer title). Musical of 5 years 14 the Music Conservatory Alberto Williams being received from piano teacher.

He began his working life in the year 1953 in the company of his father, at the age of 14 years, starting as a cadet and apprentice mechanic modeler job and then taking charge of the overall direction of a casting foundry in the land of non-ferrous metals he motivated his father to buy.

"My father was of Ukrainian nationality, profession" mechanical modeler "and relations with it were with companies related to related specialties, all directed by foreign immigrants professionals with characteristics of industrial gentlemen with high human and technical training giving me luck and precious memory of being formed, in my first steps through life, by such masters where professional ethics, respect, good examples, advice and consideration, were the characteristics that prevailed "recalls Basilio.

In 1967 and because of his lesson pursue university studies in electronics specialty (boom at that time) entered the Proartel Company (13 broadcast TV channel in Buenos Aires, led by Mr. Goar Mestre), entering as operator video-tape of 3ra. Category in which after examinations to advance categories he reached the end position of Chief of the Division of Technical Operations.

"I link to the Electronic Security Industry and I start my activity in the same income in the year when the Company 1978" Electronic Security Systems. Then were the beginnings of the use of safety systems and control in my country (Argentina), given my prior technical education in the Brodcasting TV, CCTV used in electronic security to be easier I could understand and manage immediately and referred to intrusion sensors I learned reading manuals from different manufacturers, because at that time there were no electronic security courses and learned who was curious and self-taught, "says our Professional of the month.

In this Company Basilio had the opportunity to design and manage systems important facilities, to name some of them; Central Casa del Banco de la Nacion Argentina (a very large monochrome CCTV, many cameras and camcorders with two monitoring centers) - Security Projects for the Casa Rosada Government to SIDE (Secretariat of State Intelligence), for the Navy, army and Air Force Argentina and many more.

"The most important intervention that I had is when the company already indicated names me as his technical representative for the first comprehensive security project for the Nuclear Power Plant Embalse Río Tercero (Córdoba) project was executed during 3 months subsidiary Honeywell of Argentina, together with two local managers of such subsidiary and two engineers were sent from Honeywell of USA, were two engineers seniors who owned a vast international experience in projects and implementation of comprehensive security systems major in the world integer from warmer places to cooler ends, from whom I learned a lot through humbly ask "Basilio Ángel Holowczak pondered.

Challenges, technology and training
After indagarle by the challenges facing professional, our Professional of the month states that seeks relations with employees and partners resulting from profit and profit for them, trying to convey all the knowledge learned by other professionals and own acquired during their work and career in the electronic security, especially those accumulated in important facilities outside perimeter control systems supported by CCTV to verify the checkpoint from the nature or cause of an alarm.

"As technological innovation follow them and try to bring new ideas to help the advancement of them and especially their correct application" said Basilio.

expressly Turning to staff training, our guest indicates that he has always tried to be in favor of such initiatives, helping to select personnel who have proven technical training and especially long experience in the field and possibly in facilities and currently such training replicates in the talks and courses that gives installers, integrators and distributors.

According to Basilio Angel Holowczak the objectives to be met in the market is attempting to navigate the guild taking into account, first, offer high quality products, give importance to technical and not just a commercial.

"Ideally, which have been fighting for some time, is that dealers should understand that their salespeople must be technical sales and also with solid knowledge in the specialty related to the products they sell and if they have previous experience in facilities of them, the better to achieve sales success of the guild. Compliance and recognition of this and the optimal pre and post sale to the same benefits and grows advice area, "says Holowczak.

In addition he ponders that "I have noticed sometimes that large systems could not be operated because neither had calculated the section of drivers required for them, forcing them to have to redo everything again and this because the dealer did not provide him the necessary information to the buyer consulted nor what it was that big purchase and where you go to use or install. Unfortunately there are distributors who mistakenly handled many brands and representations and also teams from different areas of electronic security which coach seller ends up not know in depth to any of them and because of this inability to provide appropriate advice to the union, so I had to listen to some exhibitions security which I attended that advice from such distributor was poor or almost nonexistent. "

Similarly Basilio concludes that the highest level of knowledge of installers and distributors will encourage manufacturers to strive to produce more and better products. The good manufacturer favors the opinion or comments received from expert professional installers. "Conclusion, solid technical knowledge help everyone; Installers, Integrators, Distributors and Manufacturers, that is, the objectives to pursue in the market are professional and service excellence, "emphasizes our Professional of the month.

Industry Developments
"The evolution of security industry in my country and in the rest of Latin America remains since work on it and, lately, with very rapid progress. In my early exterior systems were used only for large plants, businesses and prisons, mostly sensors detection technology high development and costly; and on a smaller scale the basic or classical technologies, however due to economic crises occurred in recent decades this trend was reversed, "says Basil.

As for the residential external security, our guest concludes that it begins to be used in the middle of the decade of 80, as shown sensor models for outdoor use basic technology for short distances and because it values ​​the scope of those types users, today the majority of such facilities also use traditional or initial detection inside, outside. And then succeeding in the course of time alarm monitoring. sensors double and tiple technology, integration of electronic security with network data transmission very close presumption of use of systems (currently under testing) alarm and automation in the cloud, composed of different sensors and cameras, 100 % IP, wifi + BT, with unique ID that the user enlists in his cloud of protection and are handled from their smartphones.

Similarly Basil emphasizes that customer needs are diverse, some with non-traditional or new applications and growing character. "It deserves to be noted that what served before, today it is not as intruders know the systems for their decades of existence and manage to cancel them across different devices and procedures. Before it constitutes a deterrent which would notice the existence of an alarm system in an area through its external sirens, etc. that prevented was invaded or stolen, today it is preferred that it is not possible to notice the existence of an alarm system to avoid ridicule or annulment and that it surprised the intruder during their entry into the protected premises. However it is considered that the CCTV in direct view of a potential intruder is in most cases suitable and deterrent ".

A family man
Basilio Angel Holowczak married to 21 years with Nilda Lidia Balerdi Degasperi (French and Italian Basque origins), he has two children; the eldest, Olga Maria, lives in El Bolson, Rio Black, with her husband Fernando Pierani and her daughters Giovanna and Sofi. The youngest, Peter, lives in Buenos Aires with his partner Irene and helps me in my current marketing tasks.

"My Hobbies are interpreted in solos piano tangos, which I do every night in my house, room and walk my two dogs, in summer hoisting gardening chores and maintenance in our house sea (Atlantic Ocean) located in Chapadmalal, to 436 kms. south of Buenos Aires, "said Basilio.

Other skills:
-The Detection of weapons being Representative Garrett metals in Argentina from 1985; and from 2003 he appointed a distributor for its local marketing, to fully pursue his current activity.
- Cryptography
- Music.

"While I'm no fan of any football team passionate I see on TV every game of the world championships. I remember my childhood; my childhood, kindergarten, elementary school, the games that I enjoyed with my peers / as the neighborhood, the warmth with which I was raised and especially my father, who was a friend of mine more than a Father and me provided excellent advice and noble examples of human behavior, "says our guest, who notes" from myself I like to enjoy what I do and what I like least about me are unintentional mistakes I've made in my life, I'm extra-sensitive and easily get upset me. "

Santiago Jaramillo
Author: Santiago Jaramillo
Social communicator and journalist with more than 15 years of experience in specialized digital and print media for Latin America. Currently Editor of the Security Sales, Building Management and Academic Coordinator of the TecnoEdificios Congress.


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