With a network of 15 subsidiaries throughout the region, two consolidation centers located in Miami and Panama, which serve 41 countries, Intcomex currently serves more than 50 one thousand resellers, represented by value added channels, retailers and telecommunications operators.

By Santiago Jaramillo Hincapie

In January of 1989, Anthony Shalom, chairman of the Board of Directors, and his son, Michael Shalom -CEO, president and director- founded Intcomex as a small local software distributor in South Florida. That same year, they began exporting IT products from the United States to several countries in Latin America.

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The first affiliate for sales and distribution opens in Mexico in the 1990 year, adding two new subsidiaries in Panama and Chile four years later. In 1997, it expands its operations to Peru, Guatemala and Uruguay. In the 2000 year, the affiliates were established in El Salvador, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Jamaica, followed by Colombia, being the last subsidiary to open its doors for business in 2004.

To capitalize on the business of exporting IT products in Latin America and the Caribbean, the company opened its headquarters in Miami, Florida, to provide service in those areas and in other places where it had no local presence. Driven by a strong commitment to improve customer value, the company enters the mobile distribution market at 2011, and since then it has further diversified its portfolio with the integration of cutting-edge cloud-based solutions and distribution platforms. electronic software.

Today, with almost 30 years of leadership in the region, Intcomex has consolidated its presence by growing from a small distribution company based in Miami to a multinational platform of value-added solutions and technological products.

Diego Lozano, who is in charge of the management of the security division of Intcomex, was the one who guided the visit to his impressive headquarters in Miami. With him we were able to explore several aspects that will surely allow us to learn more about the current situation of this company and the industry in the region.

Lozano highlights that "the Security Division of Intcomex finished the 2017 with a positive balance in all its indicators. In addition to being the largest technology distribution platform in Latin America and the Caribbean, Intcomex is consolidating its position as a benchmark in the world of Electronic Security ".

The director of the security division of Intcomex states that the first major achievement was the strengthening of an infrastructure and work team specialized in security throughout the region. "We have a team of more than 70 people dedicated to the field of security," he stresses.

He also adds that "we have consolidated the most complete offer in Electronic Security of the market with specialization in different categories. Also, we must highlight our portfolio of products and solutions in video surveillance and access control, in the hands of leading manufacturers in its segment such as Hikvision, ZKTeco, RBH, among others. This allowed us to double the results against the 2016. "

Regarding the trends and / or perspectives observed in the Electronic Security division for 2018, Lozano points out that definitely having the leading brands in the market allows them to offer their clients cutting-edge solutions with a range of possibilities that help them. turn, to strengthen and grow in new business opportunities.

"The specialized products and solutions will be the most relevant of the Electronic Security division in 2018: traffic, citizen vigilance, government and infrastructure, are our objective markets, obviously without neglecting traditional solutions," says Diego.

It also highlights that the new products are clearly marked by better quality and specifications, plus an efficiency in processing, transmission and storage through better compression methods.

Regarding what news the Intcomex Electronic Security division will bring to 2018 (product, commercial level, arrival targets, marketing, etc.), the director of the security division of Intcomex states that "our number one priority is our customers, in this sense we want to reinforce all the areas that allow us to offer a unique service and experience, transferring the greatest amount of value: continue with our training and training program, expand the resources dedicated to pre-sales in order to support our channels in their different needs and projects and expand the offer of products and solutions in areas such as fire detection / extinction and integration softwares ".

In the same sense, highlights Lozano, this value proposition will allow them to offer integral solutions which, together with the products of other business units of Intcomex (networking, storage, IT), will reinforce their portfolio in a superior and differentiated way without losing the base of its growing distribution platform with availability throughout the region and infrastructure, local services and credit solutions in 15 countries, without being competition for its customers.

Santiago Jaramillo
Author: Santiago Jaramillo
Social communicator and journalist with more than 15 years of experience in specialized digital and print media for Latin America. Currently Editor of the Security Sales, Building Management and Academic Coordinator of the TecnoEdificios Congress.


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