Hanwha Techwin has been a standard and Korean logo for many years, however in terms of electronic security and especially in video surveillance do not have much time in the market, what is clear is that they have known to ponder his career and preserve the tradition and quality that Samsung already dragged, brand that acquired a couple of years ago.

By Santiago Jaramillo Hincapie

Precisely in this logical process of purchase and positioning, the Hanwha Techwin brand reported that the brands Samsung Techwin and Wisenet Samsung, which were used during the last years to refer to the technological solutions of Hanwha Techwin, will disappear from the market starting from 2018, launching official way its Wisenet brand for all its video surveillance products.

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This measure constitutes the last stage in the change of corporate identity that began in December of 2014 when Samsung announced that its security division had been acquired by the Korean conglomerate Hanwha; which became official in June of 2015, at which time Hanwha took full control over Samsung Techwin and changed the name to Hanwha Techwin. In America, the most relevant change took place in March of 2016, when Samsung Techwin America announced its name change to Hanwha Techwin America, which became effective as of April of 2016.

The change of brand has been palpable not only in the name but also in the visual evolution that the brand has had, going from the classic blue of Samsung to the orange and gray tones that are representative of Hanwha.

Precisely to discuss the current affairs of this multinational and its particular vision of the Latin American region, we visited Fernando Tomasiello, Vice President for Latin America of Hanwha Techwin, at his Miami office.

It is worth noting that Fernando has extensive experience as sales executive and international operations in the video surveillance industry. In fact, he has already worked for almost ten years at Samsung Electronics in his position as vice president of international sales and operations for Latin America, making the brand one of the leaders in the region.

Fernando points out that the verticals that the company he represents work the strongest in the region are those of cities, airports and ports, the verticals of retail, hospitals and hotels also work very well, however he ponders that there is always room for improvement.

"The market at the video level is basically software and hardware. Within the software, we are seeing more and more powers in terms of analytics and, in contrast, in terms of hardware, analytics are already being involved within the cameras, "says Tomasiello, who adds that" I would say that the Mixing software, hardware and an open platform are a perfect combination for a final customer to decide to adopt a technology. We from Hanwha Techwin are doing it; However, the regional and global market has changed a lot and we must be very attentive to these changes to be ahead and always adapt, "he ponders.

Similarly and referring to the evolution of the market, the Vice President for Latin America of Hanwha Techwin argues that "the market has changed, I have been almost 20 years serving Latin America and since 1998, 1999 or 2000 has had a tremendous evolution, there is clearly a adaptation to low-end, middle-end and high-end markets. We as a company always focus on middle-end and high-end, but it should be noted that the changes have been matured to a greater extent and have caused us to undergo a process of greater adaptation with the arrival of the offer of Asian companies with a price very aggressive, which has made all the companies of our level accept the change, we are in the obligation to modernize and give a better solution to the final customer to deliver an added value to them all ".

Also highlights that today the big question at the level of manufacturers is that few companies will survive the market change, "only the strongest and good will prevail and keep their share," says Tomasiello.

Precisely in regard to Hanwha Techwin, Fernando Tomasiello emphasizes that "a company is basically made of people, I believe that the success of our company, especially in the process of transition and change from Samsung to Hanwha Techwin and consolidation in the region is due to the excellent professionals who work by my side. The successes of each country and each area in the region are the merits of each of them. I am simply here to support you and be a support vehicle. I believe that I am not wrong in stating that one of the greatest successes of our company today is the people who accompany us. We have been fortunate to surround ourselves with excellent professionals and more than that, excellent people, "says our guest.

Turning to the topic of projects and plans in the region another of the aspects highlighted by Tomasiello have been very successful in its management is the STEP program (Smart Techwin Eco Partner Program), an affiliation initiative aimed at integrators and distributors who do business in Colombia, Brazil and Mexico (For the middle of 2018 will be in the program in the rest of the countries of the region), whose purpose is to give its members the opportunity to expand their quota through a protection and loyalty program.

"Those who join this initiative will have the opportunity to access multiple benefits in the development of their projects: price protection, brand loyalty, free online training, among other advantages," emphasizes the company's representative for the region.

On the other hand and perhaps one of the most important aspects recognized by the Hanwha Techwin company are advancing in technological investment has to do with the construction of a new manufacturing plant in Vietnam, a project that started in the 2017 with the aim of to start operations for the second half of 2018. For 2019 it is expected that the plant, of an area close to the 60 thousand square meters, will produce around two million products per year such as IP cameras, analog, semiconductor video storage devices and electronic processors. It is also expected that the entry into operation of the plant will generate new jobs between 1.500 and 2.000.

Santiago Jaramillo
Author: Santiago Jaramillo
Social communicator and journalist with more than 15 years of experience in specialized digital and print media for Latin America. Currently Editor of the Security Sales, Building Management and Academic Coordinator of the TecnoEdificios Congress.


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