Faced with the sad criminal acts that continue to occur in the world, it will never be more armored to the maximum to avoid catastrophic consequences for people and companies.
By Magdalena Reyes *

Imagine saving a whole year to take your vacation in a dream hotel. At last the day arrives and you are in that desired room, enjoying a well-deserved rest. Suddenly everything becomes confused, listening to an abaleo in the corridor and what should be a moment of happiness and comfort becomes in a moment of terror.
This scene is not from a movie, it was the reality of the guests of a hotel in Las Vegas (United States) and that resulted not only in the loss of human lives, but also forced this hotel chain to assume important legal and economic
Was it possible to know that these events were going to happen? Of course not ... Can you take measures so that they do not repeat themselves anywhere in the world? Of course! And is that in view of the current criminal patterns and the level of insecurity that exists in the world, effective measures must be taken to protect people and institutions.
Effects of intrusion
Speaking of purely physical intrusion (can also be cybernetics), the consequences of this type of events are not only emotionally, but also in the economic, will it be that regular customers of the hotel in Las Vegas will feel calm to stay there after the mentioned event? Not in vain some financial analysts determined that the demand in the Las Vegas market would fall between an 4% and an 6% after that act of terrorism.
If added to this, we think that an organization invests time, money and a lot of effort to consolidate its brand and in just a second, all this can come down by events such as those mentioned above, then it is clear that decisive measures must be taken, more if you take into account that any company can be a victim of these intrusions.
Risks at all levels
A loose protection exposes companies to dangerous situations that risk the safety of people, for example, if they enter spaces where only authorized and trained personnel can be.
The risk can also be dimensioned in the company's assets, which can be tangible -products or inputs- or intangibles -information-, in any way they are valuable for the organization, so it is important to control the access to these goods so that Do not fall into the hands of unauthorized persons.
And is that this issue is so relevant that even the operations of a company can be interrupted when an unauthorized person enters the building, so much so that in some cases the physical access control is a requirement for a company to operate, taking to present proof of compliance with said requirements when an audit is submitted.
Possible solutions
In my experience, I can say that, given physical intrusions, conventional revolving doors can not provide the sufficient level of security required to prevent the company from being affected at different levels.
Given this scenario, it is vital that companies ask themselves these three questions to define the next step in terms of the solution to be implemented in order to shield themselves from the aforementioned risks: How vulnerable is your organization to a potential intrusion? What are the potential costs that your company would have to assume if an unauthorized person enters the building? And if these costs are not acceptable, what commitments, in terms of budget and processes, is your organization willing to take to limit its vulnerability to intrusions?
After answering these questions, you will find that there are options in the market such as access control systems, doors with electronic locks and security cameras, among other options. The problem with these methods is that they have critical weaknesses and that is why their performance is limited.
However, there is currently a team that is recognized as being the most effective in controlling the number and address of people crossing through a point of entry. These are the security entries, which offer multiple security possibilities as a separate flow of users (visitors and employees), individualization of the identity of each person crossing the door and clarity about whether said subject entered alone, this in order to avoid that sensitive areas are victims of intrusion.
While it is true that these security entries offer a wide range of styles, costs and methods of operation, they all share the same basis: the purpose of creating a barrier that prevents unauthorized passage, while facilitating entry to accredited users.
The important thing in these cases, is to go to a trained provider to guide you in the decision of which is the security door that best suits your needs. For example, in Boon Edam we have a wide offer in this type of devices that provide different alternatives (including data analysis) that are highly effective when controlling the access of users to a building.
In addition, we provide clients with a group of advisors fully empowered to guide the process of acquiring the ideal security gate.
To think
Sensation of vulnerability, economic losses, severe traumas, frustration, anxiety and restlessness are some of the effects suffered by the victims of an intrusion and although, as the adage says: "Nobody chastens on someone else's head", in this case it is essential to take into account what happened in the world and take preventive measures that prevent similar events from happening in our company. So, investing in a security entrance would not be a bad investment for any organization that is looking to efficiently control access to any point of its infrastructure ... Or is it?
* Magdalena Reyes is a Boon Edam business developer for Mexico.

Santiago Jaramillo
Author: Santiago Jaramillo
Social communicator and journalist with more than 15 years of experience in specialized digital and print media for Latin America. Currently Editor of the Security Sales, Building Management and Academic Coordinator of the TecnoEdificios Congress.


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