One of the oldest and largest retailers in Spain, with more than 100 physical stores, needed to modernize and strengthen its physical security measures by upgrading to an IP CCTV platform.

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Updating their aging, analog cameras to IP devices initially proved to be a daunting task. Having to dismantle and replace infrastructure and establish a PoE backbone network to support the new AXIS IP cameras represented a huge barrier to IP upgrade.

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The client looked for a solution that applied the principles of the modern LAN and allowed a more elegant IP modernization, as a result, the plug-and-play technology CLEER24 IP of NVT was chosen.

The client wanted to upgrade to an IP security platform to prevent theft and benefit from the best IP CCTV recognition capabilities. The complex update of the client should be implemented in phases, since they not only wanted to update, but also to expand the system.

Some of its large retail stores were much older than others, so the risky wiring would not only be expensive and time-consuming, but would also require the client to temporarily close the areas of their retail stores, which would have a great impact in its commercial operations and incur high financial costs. In addition, the customer would have to address the scope requirements of the IDF locker in large retail stores, adding another barrier to the completion of the project.

The client learned about the NVT Phybridge CLEER24 managed switching solution (Leveraged Ethernet Extended Reach Coax). A non-binding proof of concept was organized at one of the customer locations and at 3 simple configuration steps, the CLEER24 plug-and-play switch removed the barriers the customer had been facing.

The award-winning CLEER24 solution provided Ethernet and PoE + over Coax with up to 2.000 feet (610 m), that's 6 times more than standard Ethernet. In addition to the CLEER24, the client was able to use the NVX EC4 EoC adapters (Ethernet over Coax) to extend the range and provide PoE to up to 4 IP cameras using a single coaxial cable, quickly tracking their IP update and maximizing their ROI.

The implementation of the 8000 + AXIS IP cameras was easy for the client to apply the principles of modern LAN. The total cost savings for the first phase of the project exceed $ 2.5 million, leaving the large retailer with funds to allocate to new applications elsewhere.

NVTP EoC solutions helped the customer leverage their existing and reliable coaxial cabling while simplifying the management and modernization of fast tracking IP.

The client was able to almost double the size of AXIS camera systems in some locations by leveraging the EC4 Ethernet Extenders, while simplifying management with a common infrastructure topology using the CLEER24 managed switch solution.

In addition to savings in relation to time and cost, the customer benefited greatly from the rack mounting capabilities of the CLEER24, saving space in its busy retail stores and eliminating the need for additional IDF cabinets.

This successful project was also recognized by IoTG (IoT to the Power of Green), an association of companies that support and recognize responsible digital transformations. Using an innovative analytical tool to measure environmental responsibility (, the project of this Spanish retailer received a rating of 5 stars.

Santiago Jaramillo
Author: Santiago Jaramillo
Social communicator and journalist with more than 15 years of experience in specialized digital and print media for Latin America. Currently Editor of the Security Sales, Building Management and Academic Coordinator of the TecnoEdificios Congress.


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