Football is perhaps the most popular sport in the world today. Its importance not only stands out at the sporting level, but also in the economic, social and cultural, uniting millions of fans in all countries.

By Cristian Quintero Osorio

The world cup, as well as the other international and local tournaments, mean a huge movement of human and material resources in which organizations of all kinds are involved. Mexico is not the exception.

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The Mexican Soccer Team is one of the most important brands in the country and has the support of many national and international sponsors with which they sign million-dollar contracts. But its importance is not only reflected in the economic sector, it also has a great social and cultural impact, driven mainly by the sense of national identity that the selection inspires in the Mexican hobby. The vast majority of Mexicans identify with the national soccer team, feel inspired by them and consider them role models.

Although this sport usually unites Mexicans, there is also the other side of the coin. Passion "pambolera" often leads to people being more emotional than rational, resulting in fights, aggressions, arguments and tumults. For this reason, the commitment of Motorola Solutions for safety, in the spaces where people enjoy in public places of the global war, becomes more relevant than ever.

During the World Cup, the Secretariat of Public Security of Mexico City deployed a surveillance and roadway operation to guarantee the safety of the fans in public spaces, while they followed and celebrated the games of the Mexican National Team. The security devices were planned to monitor shopping centers and public squares, such as the capital's Zócalo, where giant screens were installed so that people could enjoy the matches of the national team.

Safe cities, calm fans
With the continuous advancement of technology, the flow of information in real time that circulates around the world has increased considerably in recent years. Today, access to this information includes both those responsible for public safety and emergency care, as well as all the inhabitants of a community, who seek to enjoy the World Cup.

For this type of massive events, Motorola Solutions offers advanced solutions, high performance devices and logistical support that help turn that information into intelligence and in turn, tend towards the construction of safe cities and quiet citizens.

Motorola solutions have been allied with public safety agencies during major world events. Radios with open standards P25 and Tetra are the ideal communication tools for events of these characteristics throughout the world, being radio systems designed to provide integrated and secure communications, not available with commercial systems.

Radio networks, used by the authorities, guarantee reliability, security and stability in mission-critical communications, unlike what commercial mobile phone networks can offer. If the authorities have the capacities to generate information from the correlation of data from different sources, using the different types of networks each with their particular characteristics, it is guaranteed an advantage of this fundamental interoperability in the attention to emergencies.

LTE Technology of Critical Mission
The technology, Long Term Evolution, is based on the use of mobile devices and data terminals that use wireless broadband to establish real-time voice, video and audio communication between different actors and interoperable mobile applications, which constitute a highly efficient to provide critical intelligence to field officers and command center personnel.

These solutions offer the possibility of having mapping of the units, instant messaging for the transmission of video, voice and data, joint conversations between officers and telephony, with all the information encrypted and with high levels of security and precision, which it becomes a useful and necessary tool for the security challenges that bring this type of multitudinous events.

In addition, these have the possibility of carrying out a face recognition to the assistants, allowing, in this way, the identification of people who are in the databases of the authorities for the commission of crimes or disturbance of public order. To this is added pattern analysis, which enables the automatic detection of unusual behavior based on altercations or people running, reporting in time for an appropriate reaction from the competent authorities.

Smart Devices
The video cameras with loudspeaker microphone (VSM) Series Si500 dramatically increase situational awareness; the collection of information and evidence in the field. This technology is integrated into the uniforms of security officers without intervening in their movement and management, and they function as communication mechanisms when capturing information that is transmitted to the Operations Command Center. Within these devices are camcorders, microphones, radios and sensors, among others.

The information available in the hands of the officer in the field and on the command center screen is possible thanks to a mission-critical LTE handheld device, the LEX L10, and includes other applications such as WAVE ™ Work Group Communications, a platform that expands Push-to-Talk (PTT) communication between different work groups that use different devices, such as radios, cell phones or computers.

Motorola Solutions is committed to the safety of people in mass events, which translates into quiet urban centers and protected citizens who can enjoy their passions without any risk.

* Cristian Quintero Osorio is an expert in Secure Cities at Motorola Solutions.

Santiago Jaramillo
Author: Santiago Jaramillo
Social communicator and journalist with more than 15 years of experience in specialized digital and print media for Latin America. Currently Editor of the Security Sales, Building Management and Academic Coordinator of the TecnoEdificios Congress.


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