To guarantee a safe trip for passengers, it is imperative to increase the safety of the metro with modern technologies and monitoring equipment.

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The Recife urban train system transports around 400 a thousand passengers per day, it is the third largest railway operator in number of users in Brazil.

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The main challenge was to adapt the technology to specific conditions, such as lighting, the flow of people and the speed of the metro station, without interrupting the transport service. Therefore, the ease of operation, installation and high availability in the system, the prerequisites for choosing the surveillance solution.

The Brazilian Company of Urban Trains (CBTU), began a recovery plan for stations, trains, electrical systems and permanent roads last year, with a contribution of R $ 61,5 million (US $ 16,3 million) to invest in the improvements for the metro of Pernambuco. Then he inaugurated a new phase of the surveillance operation with the acquisition of 1.380 high resolution cameras from Dahua Technology for the deployment of the surveillance system.

The Dahua intelligent surveillance system with integrated analytical video, monitors 52 places distributed by the 71 kms of the railway line in the capital and the metropolitan region. The project led by Avantia Group from the publication of the tender to the installation combines four models of Dahua cameras: DH-IPC-HF5231EN-Z-S2; DH-IPC-HF5231EN-S2; DH-IPC-HDBW8231E-ZS2; and DH-SD65F230FN-H, all are equipped with H.265 compression and video analysis.

These cameras work every day capturing and identifying images. With a quantity of data that must be analyzed daily, the compression pattern of the H.265 video, a format twice as efficient as its predecessor (H.264), is essential since it uses only the 50% of the bandwidth, maintaining the same quality.

The team that uses the main characteristics of Dahua (compression H.265, analysis, Starlight) has reinforced the security of the Central and South lines of the Pernambuco Metro and has allowed operators to obtain views of the metro operations, especially in the peak hours or during tourist events, such as carnival.

Day and night, in difficult lighting conditions and even at points of extreme low light, Dahua's exclusive Starlight cameras deliver crisp and colorful images to the surveillance center to ensure the best performance in very low light conditions (0,005 Lux).

The technology strengthens the protection of the user in a general way, since it avoids intrusions in vital areas of operation, depredations or other occurrences that could hinder the transport of passengers. With video analysis, even if the video surveillance operator is not tracking the images of a specific camera, the system automatically identifies and alerts a movement detected in a restricted region, for example.

In addition to high technology, Dahua also provides professional technical assistance to ensure the success of the installation process, which did not hinder the operation of the metro. As revealed by the Director of Operations of Avantia, Hamilton Valentin: "The partnership with CBTU has been very successful, due to the peculiarities of the implementation of the security system. It was a great challenge, since all the systems of the stations were fully operational. It was the result of an outstanding team effort with the full support and collaboration of the client, so that the implementation was carried out in the best possible way and with minimal interventions in the metro system. "

With the help of Dahua network cameras, passengers coming and going from the Central and Southern lines now have the protection of security equipment in multiple locations throughout the operation of the metro. The new video surveillance system was designed to operate in a centralized management, which differs completely from the previous single management model. Thus, with this change, it was possible to take better advantage of the human resources of the security team at the 37 stations.

It was thought that the entire Dahua video surveillance system will not only guarantee the physical security of each user, but also avoid a common problem that causes a great impact on the quality of the service: vandalism. In some occasions, a window broken by a user can delay the routine of thousands of passengers. With the video surveillance cameras it is possible to identify suspects, activate the maintenance service in a more agile way and minimize the impact on the operation.

The video sequences of the events that occur within the facilities of the Urban Train System can be shared with the Military Police, which, if necessary, can search the image database and use resources such as Zoom to capture details that they help in the investigations. The operators themselves can alert the authorities depending on the incident.

This is the first project of CBTU, which also manages urban rail transport in other Brazilian capitals, such as João Pessoa, Maceió, Natal and Belo Horizonte. "With this success story, Dahua Technology confirms once again its experience in projects for the public segment. The solution offered will allow the end customer to have a totally intelligent video surveillance system that will provide optimal lighting in dark environments, protection of restricted areas, 24 hours, incident alerts and high performance for operators. All this will focus on the prevention and warning of possible situations that threaten the metro system, as well as the safety of its users, "said Fabio Lopes, Channel Sales Director of Dahua Technology Brazil.

The client
"The cameras are being installed and monitored centrally, in a control room. In the future, we intend to achieve a reduction in costs for the company, since with the cameras we were able to reduce local surveillance in some metro stations, but the great advantage will be in the safety of our passengers. The images help us identify crimes at the stations and send this information to the police. We are in the implementation phase and we started to operate with intelligent technology, the results have already begun to be seen; we have already managed to identify and arrest the suspects, referring them to the police. We are using all efforts to train and hire new agents and I am sure that we will achieve greater profits in the future, "said Leonardo Villar Beltrão, CBTU Superintendent of Recife.

The integrator
"The partnership with CBTU has been very successful, due to the peculiarities of the implementation of a state-of-the-art security system. It was a great challenge, since all the systems of the stations were fully operational. It was the result of an excellent team effort with the full support and collaboration of the Client, so that the implementation is carried out in the best possible way and with minimal interventions in the metro system ", Hamilton Valentin - Operations Director of Avantia

The distributor
"This project is of utmost importance to Spectra. We have been close to Avantia and Dahua Technology throughout the implementation process, providing them with all the necessary support in the delivery of solutions ", Reginaldo Mattos, Director of Spectra Systems.

Author: Duván Chaverra


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