Germán Alexis CortésObjective

Knowing the theoretical optical and electronic principles applied to safety and process control. Differentiate elements used in CCTV systems. Knowing how to apply existing international standards on ductwork and video equipment. Analyze the benefits and limitations of different configurations, topologies and equipment characteristics. Knowing that is the security technology that has advanced in recent 10 years. Learn other uses at the global level have CCTV systems.

Carlos Guzman


Set to advanced knowledge for professionals and technicians who already have the basic knowledge acquired in the 1 level to advance their training and profesional.Se should be aware that this is a training course that is designed to complete a medium and expand knowledge, since the issues many more advanced in design, installation and maintenance of alarm systems concepts are taught.

altIn a night of celebration attended by major industry players the "Mexico 2010 Excellence Awards" in the framework of Expo Seguridad Mexico were delivered.

The magazine Security Sales was recognized as one of the leading media and collaborated with the massification of the show. Max Jaramillo, president of Latin Press Inc., publisher of the publication, received the award.

At the ceremony, George Fletcher, director of business development Giprex, made a special mention for Mission 500 and also auctioned an iPad, which was acquired by US $ 1500, money which will be given to the foundation.

The winners on the night were:
Best Manufacturer:
Best Distributor:
Corporate InAlarm
Best integrator:
Best social responsibility initiative - Mission To 500 Award
Bosch - Syscom

Significantly, Lucy Rivero (pictured), managing director of InAlarm, thanked the organization for the award and made a special mention of your workgroup. Max Jaramillo gave the award for best manufacturer Bosch.

After the awards ceremony, the evening ended with a party set by a musical band that enjoyed special guests.


altThe atmosphere at Expo Seguridad Mexico 2010 is total satisfaction because this year expectations were met thanks to the great capacity of the public who was present during the three days of the show in Mexico City

George Fletcher, director of business development Giprex spoke with security sales on the balance sheet of this edition of the show. At first he said that many of the companies that were present were pleased approached by the influx of people: "Although we still have no official figures know that this issue was a success and so I did know many of the exhibitors who are at the fair, who commented me that they had how to meet so many people and their brochures were exhausted. "

About Mission 500, the manager spoke of the satisfaction of accomplishment and said go for a good step with this initiative. "The nice thing about this case is that the security industry can join it, even there are customers who have already expressed their concern about this cause and I think it's very rewarding to do things like this."

In 2011 the edition will be held between the 12 and 14 in April.

altExpo Seguridad Mexico 2010 recognizes nominees within exposure in different work areas, which will be awarded at a gala evening agreed to be held on Wednesday night in what the organization referred to as "Mexico 2010 Excellence Awards".

Then know the nominees in various categories:

Best Manufacturer:
• Bosch
• Honeywell
• Pelco
• Syscom
Best distributor:
• Anixtex
• InAlarm
• Sermex
• Syscom

Best integrator:
• Ikusi
• Logen
• Schneider Electric
• Telmex
• VIP System
Best social responsibility initiative - Mission To 500 Award:
• Bosch
• InAlarm
• Pelco
• Syscom
• Sony


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