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TOPIC: What perimeter protection system to choose?

Re: perimeter protection system to choose? #377

Perimeter security applications with fiber optics are excellent results.
It is almost always a tough material with high immunity to environmental noise and low levels of false alarms.
VERY in mind the good construction of the mesh where the fiber is placed. If optical fiber is used for underwater environments, the subject becomes very expensive but it works very well.
The other point to check is the ability of the controller or APU to accurately determine the site of the possible intrusion. That is to say there are models that speak of many kilometers, but they only give me an exit in case of alarm. But it really requires knowing where the intrusion occurred from that path. Then this leads to more segmented the perimeter with the increase in the price of each APU.
They are much better systems that divide the overall length, for example in 100 segments and each APU can distinguish which segment is provided in the intrusion. With a CCTV system automated through preset, the cycle of detection and automatic verification is completed and then if we have a functional electronic system.
Finally one aspect to consider is how the APU communicates to the control room. Almost always or RS485 serial or TCP / IP. In the first case we can go to distances of up to 5000 feet, in the second case we use a second optical fiber to transmit data. That second ring communications is important, because it becomes more sensitive to the cost level point. Of course this can also be done with a link or multiple wireless links, but we know that the security world is easily interfered inaámbrico and we can not make unsafe security systems.
Regarding your question about FiberSenSys, it's a good brand, especially by the people behind the company; Of course there are many others with more tradition and demonstrated performance as Southwest or Sensar Stellar, however I have not heard bad comments from her. My suggestion is to verify support, maintenance and warranty locally, to avoid inconveniences.

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Germán Cortés, Manager
Insetron Ltda
Electronic Security - Communications - Building Automation
Street 135 # 15 - 45
Bogota Colombia
Cel: + 57 (315) 893 7727
Tel: + 57 (1) 602 0014

Re: perimeter protection system to choose? #500

I would like to add that the alignment of the good quality barriers have connection for digital voltmeter to align the receiver and transmitter of the barrier resulting in a procedure that is easy to perform but in some models there is a brief confirmation beep when closing the cover or casing Of the receiver that tells the installer that the alignment is optimal and that a better one can not be achieved. If the beep is long or 20 seconds long it indicates that such alignment should be repeated. Even now there are wireless aligners suitable only for some models of barriers through which the alignment can be performed by a single person. Yours sincerely Ing. Basilio Angel Holowczak

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Re: perimeter protection system to choose? #638

There are also fully integrated and wireless systems that combine solutions of all types. As already posted and adding new technologies appropriate to each circumstance.
Example: Visit our YouTube channel.
There you can see extraordinary solutions,

Or visit //
We also have Sorhea perimeter solutions.
G-FENCE detects all intrusion attempts by cutting, tearing escaladay fence on which it is installed. Ignores weather losfenómenos as wind, rain and vibracionesparásitas (vehicles ...).

»Location of intrusion and cutting below 3 m
"M 3.200 detection system
»Solar power supply type SOLARIS
»Insensitive to meteorological disturbances
»Graphic software configuration zones: 128 possible zones
»Installation without civil engineering

[Url = http: // http: //] PERIMETER SECURITY AND DEFENCE [/ url]

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What perimeter protection system to choose? #2621

Good afternoon, I write from Colombia. I have worked for 10 years with perimeter alarm systems, using a product based on sensors that detect vibration by scaling, breaking, lifting or cutting any type of enclosure such as grating, mesh, barbed wire, electrowelded mesh, wall, among others. . This system gives me the possibility to drive up to 250 zones on a perimeter, which indicates the zone in activation to a central display or to the softare for pc, where in either case, all the information will be stored and warned in time real. Our software and hardware is integrated with other surveillance systems, such as fixed or ptz cameras, infrared, barriers ... to achieve optimal integration of all systems. So I want to let you know this application that has not been well known, but that with our experience in the market, we can offer it with full confidence.

Attached summary sheet of our system.


TEL. + 57 1 3008115595

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