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Hi, I'm new here. I live in Argentina, many greetings!
The problem is with a DVR that I installed in my home, one day the light was cut and the user I had created was deleted and the default one that is "admin" I can not enter in any way. I can only see the cameras but it does not record nor can I access the system.
* I already tried with the program "SuperPassword" to restore the password but it does not work. The date and time is not reset, even removing the battery from the bios during 2 days.
* It does not have factory reset button, I tried to bridge as I was investigating but it did not work either.
The DVR has Aprica system and is Chinese.

I hope you can help me, Thanks!

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Thank you Federico for sharing your problem, the solutions you used are those that can usually have positive results, however we want to share your case with our forum specialists so that we can give you an accurate answer.


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Greetings Federico,

I guess I respond well late, but it's good to be documented to help other people who have this problem.

What you did was useful about 10 years ago and back, but now with the most modern BIOS, the manufacturer or its representative can help you easily. This work is not simple in the sense that they do not give that service to the final customer, but only through authorized installers. Contact a certified installer in your city and I guarantee you in an 100% that your problem will be solved.

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Mauricio Ramirez Ch.
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