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TOPIC: DVR Failing

DVR Failing #2629

Hello good day, I have an EZVIZ surveillance system, approx. less than 2 weeks began to sound an alarm type that did not stop, I assumed it was that the DD had been filled, since since they installed it we had not deleted anything, and indeed the free space marked 0, I gave it to format and I thought that had been solved, but after a few minutes the alarm started again and when I checked again the DD was full, I again gave it to format, but the same thing happened again, I just recorded at the most 10 minutes and it was full , I began to investigate a little more and I found a section that said HDD Detection and I marked a box that said "Continue using this disk when SMART action fails" and then in another tab that says Bad sector detection and click on DETECT, there scanned in one could say grid image and frame several errors, restart the system and apparently the problem was already solved, because the alarm did not sound again and recorded without filling the disc, but today the sound alarm, try to do the same, but now it does not allow me to format it, because in doing so it only remains in 20% formatting and then it changes to Exception and it does not erase anything because it continues to free space in 0, and in
Automatic test status: Auto-Test 90%
There it stays and it does not continue and in
Detection of the wrong sector by giving it to DETECT
in state it appears to me doing Test 0% and then it says:
Status: Aborted (too many erroneous sectors)
Error count: 100 and in Info error it opens a vemtama that says:
Wrong sector:
(And 1 numbering appears to 101)
When I give it to update it tells me:
The external storage device does not exist or is damaged. Review and refresh the list

I do not know anything about systems, I have searched the internet and I have read that when the DD is full it can be damaged, is it that my DVR no longer works and the DD was damaged? or could it have a solution? There will be some way to remove the alarm? Since it is very annoying because it sounds every 15 seconds and for more that I have looked for I do not find any option to at least silence it.
I thank you in advance for your attention and I hope someone can soon advise me.

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DVR Failing #2632

Your problem is complex, and it really requires the help of a technician or to resort directly to the manufacturer's support. Our forist Mauricio Ramírez, one of our most frequent collaborators, this process is sometimes free from the manufacturers, if the equipment has a guarantee, but your provider may charge you for the "service" of doing it on average $ 80US depending on your country.

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DVR Failing #2638

Greetings, and I hope I'm not late. I commented that when you put a hard drive in a recorder, the overwriting must be enabled, so it deletes the oldest blocks to give space to the new content. The disk to "format" really what you do is create a database of blocks of sizes that you can assign, once that database is created the disk begins to fill it with content and hence the search is easier.

I mention this because you have two possible errors in the disk, the physical and the logical, the first is an immediate reason for change sectors damaged in small amounts, it is almost certain that they will continue to increase, while the second is delicate because you can lose information when recreating the database, but it does not affect the physical disk.

From the moment you disable the SMART option you are authorizing the disk to write without checking, hence the errors are cascading.

My advice is that when the disk starts to fail, change it immediately, the damage will ALWAYS GO IN INCREASE, a SCAN only tells you that it is indeed bad. And preferably using those designed for CCTV applications.

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