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TOPIC: The connected cameras are not displayed.

The connected cameras are not displayed. #2656

Greetings, Thanks in advance for allowing me to post my question to you. They are a student in the final stage in Computer Science. I like digital security and everything derived from it.
I present the scene: The assembly of 56 cameras ip brand is done Digital Wathdog, model MV85DíA. They were configuaradas by their respective web with a fixed ip, reason why via web they are observable.
The user station and the server ping.
The camera pings with the user and the server.
Everyone works with their respective fixed ip without conflicts.

The problem is:
They are not observed in the user's station with the Vdeo-Viewer.
The error appears in the System Administrator "Error loading camera capabilities.
I'm using Lenel with Lnvr Lenel. They are 2 servers.
I attach both images about it.

Waiting for a light that allows me to at least get out of this for my project and enrich of experience.

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