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Mauricio Ramírez specializes in electronic security systems, giving emphasis to correction of problems of configurations or installations, but without leaving aside the opportunity of new projects.

His company (Multiservicios Avanzados MyS) converges different systems and technologies, ranging from energy self-sufficiency to radio links, for which it has the certifications of various manufacturers.
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TOPIC: Information.

Information. #1339

Greetings to the forum participants, we need in the company to update some alarms DSC, the model work for years in the state was the panel Pc 1565, I need several accessories for the maintenance of such equipment, with whom I can buy in advance agradesco them attention I have information that I provide.

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Re: Information. #1346

Osvaldo, good morning.

Thank you for using our forum.

Could you please tell us which country and city you are to point out in more detail a contact who can help.

Also I recommend you visit our Induguía, a complete directory with information on the main companies belonging to the electronic security industry in Latin America.

This is the link from which you can enter the Induguía

Best regards,
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Re: Information. #1354

Hi good day! we follow from the CD. of Xalapa Veracruz. En el Bendito Territorio Mexicano.
Vamos de igual manera a revisar la Induguia como amablemente lo sugiere, y de verdad si existe manera de que nos acerquen con los distribuidores conocidos sera de gran ayuda, hasta pronto y que pasen una buena Jornada Laboral.

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